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    hey all,
    i am frustrated and annoyed...
    i am trying to find an assassins creed: brotherhood screenshot that i know i have seen before! i want it as my wallpaper. its of harlequin stabbing a victim in a huge crowd, and hes starin at us. it was liek the first set of screens to be released. ive looked on the AC:B site, IGN, and like 3 other sites and none have it!
    anyone know where it is..i no a lot of people will find it easily. unless it was in a magazine and not released on the net, i dont know

    thanks lol

    edit: omg i knew thsi would happen...i found it. its not what i remember it as, its just a concept art advertising him as bonus character

    new mission; find one that is 1440x900 and no gamestop propaganda on it
    biggest one i can find thus far:
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    thanks xanatos, but thats smaller than the one i found
    it doesnt look too bad as my wallpaper, because the pixelation makes it look more...historical?
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    Google image search it and click "find similar images" under the correct thumbnail, then select the image size.
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    google images doesnt come up with the image, ive tried searching with different phrases
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