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    One of the first things you will be asked when you submit a support ticket is if you have cleared your cookies and cache. If you have, make sure you say this in your support ticket! If you don't know how, here are the instructions:

    1. Pull down the Tools menu and choose "Internet Options"

    2. Click on the General tab.

    3. Click on the Delete Files button in the "Temporary Internet Files" section and then click OK or Delete when the dialog box appears.

    4. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

    5. Exit and relaunch your Internet Browser.

    After clearing out your cache, you need to quit and restart your browser. If you don't quit the browser, your cache will not be completely cleared out.

    If this doesn't seem to solve your problem, try rebooting your computer.

    If this still doesn't seem to solve your problem, try updating your browser or using a different browser.

    If this STILL doesn't solve your problem, submit a support ticket and let them know EXACTLY what the issue is, and EVERYTHING you have done to try and fix it. Thanks!
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    another way to clear a actual cookie plate is to eat the cookies!
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    I love cookies!!
    And yes this is helpful because I have been asked that and I'm like WHAA??? But I get it now
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