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    can anyone please add me on their msn and we can have a little update on the game.

    i have been away from this forumm like 2-3 years? i am keen to get back in the air real soon. but i need some important info on the game.


    nice day and thanks.
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    I will help you mate, I'll add you later
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    i have got il2 sturmovik: forgotten battle discs. i wanna play pacific fighters. do i need to buy an expansion pack or will a download patch do the job?

    or is the PF a standalone game in the first place?

    ps: do still add me in msn. i need some info on joystick.
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    If you want merged you'll need IL-2 AEP. Then you install that on top of IL-2 FB, then install PF as Merged option, then get patches 303m and 401m and install over the top of them.
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    That is absolutely a nice bike, but, imho,
    Buffy pics > Ninja pics.
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