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    The only plane i found capable to get the Ki84 online in a 1 vs 1 ki84 advantage condition is the K4.
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    I noticed that too about the P11c. the P11c is nearly invulnerable to machine gun fire. although cannons can kill it. but it has a tough DM. I have a good time mixing it up with biplanes and the p11c in QMB and the p11 is a monster.
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    I too have noticed this. Sure it looks like an RC plane you can pick up Toys R Us but in servers that have had airstarts, arcade type setups the P.11c can be a ferocious little monster. A lot of the newer players were on those type of servers and couldn't help but go into the turning fights. P.11c is a good trick up the sleeve sometimes.
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    P-11 is a shadow of its former (FB v1.x) self

    it used to be able to fight with I-153's

    AEP totally changed it, its dead-meat for any Chaika or Gladiator
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    A6M3 is the sure cure for Hayates

    last week I chased a D-9(!) dunno if it was 44 or 45 to just over 9000m in the A6M3....never did get him tho...he eventually ran and ran and ran for about 30 mins til I ran outta gas (only took 25%)

    Did it a long time ago, many patches ago, but on the deck an A6M2 outturns a P11 with take off flaps
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