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    My wife's PC has an APC brand UPS. It came with a very irritating little program that will shut down the computer if you tell it to and you are not around to shut it down yourself when the power fails. It will keep the computer running na whole 5 minutes after power fails. Unfortunately, if you use this program, it ghosts everything you do thinking you want to save data. That part of the program sucks up resources and slows the PC down.

    Is there a program out there that will shut the PC down before the backup power fails and NOT run in the background sucking up resources?
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    So this will be a UPS the OS doesn't recognize and/or support?
    XP has built in support for UPS: The Uninteruptable Power Supply service.
    Can't you use this, and confgure it?
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    Well, as it turns out, my wife's UPS is supported. I selected it and I guess it's running now.

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