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    Yeah,... that might be part of the reason why the game had so little appeal for me....
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    So I started a new game and played for about an hour to see what would happen to the music in Constantinople after replaying a memory from a sequence outside of Constantinople. I got through Sequence 2, Memory 3 finished and then went back to replay Sequence 1, Memory 2 in Masyaf. I exited that memory and came back to Constantinople. The same music was playing there as when I had gone into the replay menu, so I'm not sure how much it's related to replaying a memory, unless it's only when you finish a memory. I know that the first time I beat the game the first thing I did was go replay the last memory of the story, and I finished it. I believe that was the first memory I had replayed during that playthrough. After that (though I'm not sure if it was immediate), my music was gone.

    Doing my test tonight I did realize that when you return to Animus Island automatically after Sequence 1, the appropriate music (called "Animus Island" on the soundtrack) was playing. After trying to replay a memory and going back to Constantinople and then exiting to Animus Island, the Constantinople music was playing there instead of the correct music.

    In general though, the in-game music is incredibly quiet and almost impossible to hear at times. This is universal and occurs from the start of the game. Whenever cut-scene score music kicks in, you can tell that music's volume is mixed just fine with the rest of the audio. But the music playing while you actually play is very quiet. Even turning down the volume of sound effects and voices can't get a good mix. Unbelievably, the music is still hard to hear over those other two things even when they are turned way down. This is just unacceptable and totally destroys the atmosphere of the game. I don't even know how you can blame this on a short deadline, because last year's game music was just fine. How do you not notice that you can barely hear music or that it stops playing after beating the game, even on a short deadline? Especially when you already have a framework in place for handing music from the last two games!
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    Originally posted by Sarari:
    lol wow. Dude that takes out a big chunk of feeling to the game.

    My music finally came back on. Right after I beat the Hagia Sofia mission.
    Really? Did you try to replay a memory after that and see if the music goes away again?
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