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    On the Widget Page of AC II a new puzzle has turned up. In the upper <STRIKE>left</STRIKE> right corner of the widget you'll find a faint Animus logo. Click on that and get your brains to work!

    Also does anybody know if that competition has actually started? Because it somehow seems unfinished to me. The instructions seem incomplete and some links don't work.
    (If I had to participate now I would seriously be confused about what to do...)
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    I dont see anyway to download it or "grab" it like the site you linked says

    Edit: ahh...I didnt wait until the trailer was over. WHOOPS!

    Edit 2: I got it...very uneventful
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    Your post doesn't make a lot of sense...

    What did you get?
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    the lil puzzle thing
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    Erm, I don't see anything in the upper left corner..
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    What happens once you get it?

    EDIT: Right corner. I meant right. I'm sorry. >_<
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    well it looks as though you have to drag the pieces to make something, dont know what yet tho.

    EDIT: Ok im getting it, you have to make the animus symbol, if you take the middle dots and drag them near the white corners they turn red, havent got the top bits yet tho.
    yeah thats annoying, haha maybe they didnt want anyone to get it so quick?
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    It says trailer music 2009 and has a play and stop button but doesn't seem to make any noise

    Pic of solution Click here...don't look if you dont want it spoiled
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    Hm. The whole page looks a bit "unfinished".
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    Yeah you cant even click the "grab the widget" button...

    It will probably start working some time after E3 starts up again tomarrow
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