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    error message

    Hi, I have recently re installed my Steam account and it has Splinter Cell Conviction from way back but when I try and start the game I get this, "Operating System Not Supported" my system is windows 10, other games such as Call of Duty run fine, any suggestions?

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    Failed to synchronize clouds saves splinter cell conviction

    My "splinter cell conviction" game, no longer syncs the cloud saves!
    No more support for the game?
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    My Error is Not Here
    When Ever I press Download It Just Opens Steam Market and does nothing
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    I get a strange message. An alert windows pops up and tells me that my OS (Windows 10) and GPU (Radeon RX 590) are not supported, even though the Radeon Settings app tells me that the GPU meets the requirements. I can play Conviction, but the frame rate occasionally drops to about 15-20 fps. It's confusing and frustrating. I've been playing around with the settings, but I can't smooth out the frame rate - in-game or with the Radeon Settings. Any ideas?
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    Not able to launch the game

    I downloaded the game from the store and after installing it it takes some time and then goes to infinite loading not able to launch again. please give me solution.
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    Know you posted this a while ago but what if my problem is the first one but that solution doesnt seem to work
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