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    You are able to replay special memories (assassin tombs/templar lairs), but there isn't a choice to replay memories. For example, "Boys Will be Boys" is most likely my favorite mission because you don't usually get to fight with fists, mostly swords, warhammers, etc. In order to play that specific mission I have to start a new game,(don't get me wrong I love Ubisoft games). The main point of this post is to see if Ubisoft can make a download or update for XBox 360 and other systems that this game is compatible with. Some Assassin's Creed 2 players like missions that are further into the game or at the end. If you do want a patch to be made please comment on this post and tell me your opinion.

    P.S. If someone finds this offending somehow, in or out the Ubisoft company please tell me and I will fix whatever people are offended about.

    Thank You.
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    If it's allowed i'd like to second that request.
    if no fix is intended please let us know (if its not gonna be fixed i'll swap AC2 at gameshop)
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    This has been brought up many times.

    Mission replay won't ever be in AC2 (most likely), but it will be in AC:B.
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    Your answer is in this Topic-
    Official Petition

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