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    Hey all,



    ... you're gone?


    Great, let's start:

    After killing Mua al halim (or whatever his name is...) that Piece of Eden thingy shows you the earth and stuff (if you've finished the game, you'll understand what I mean). To me it looks like Altair and the other man are fascinated by this... or even hypnotised by it... I'm confused; can they withstand the power of the shiny orbthingy, or are they 'fallen' into it's power just like Alhu ahim (... the master of the Assassins...)?

    Please help.

    Sorry for the bad english... I'm really tired.
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    they went to destroy it, but an invisible wall blocks you, and then the cutscene happens, then the end of the game. but if you remember about towards the end you are desmond talking to vidic and he said that the piece if eden in this memory was destroyed in a battle or something along those lines, so my guess is that they destroy it, and then go hunting for the rest of the pieces shown on the earth from the first piece of eden (being the second game)

    just a theory for the second game but you do talk to vidic
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    I think they were hypnotised by its power, like Mualim was. Hypnostised isn't the right word... perhaps they could just sense the power it had? Whatever it was, it was good enough to stop them smashin' it up.
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    imagine what that thing must look like to someone from back then. hell, that thing would be mesmerizing to see today. I encourage all that have beaten the game to read through this: http://forums.xbox.com/17077648/ShowPost.aspx

    It explains a lot of what was seen in the room after he gets eagle vision. After reading this you will find no need to read anyone else's theories.
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    So what do you guys think? Did or did they not destroy it?
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    well it was destroyed, i don't know if they did or not
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    that piece of eden was destroyed when vidic and the others got it and tried putting it into orbit, it blew up which is why they sent altair in the machine where the rest were

    the piece altair had at teh end was the one the future guys got their hands on, that is stated in the mails and talkin to lucy
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    Wrong wrong all wrong.... -.-

    Okay if you go back to memory block 7 theres an attachment explaining how he couldn't destroy it just yet. But yes... I think it was destroyed somehow near Desmond's time thats why they need him.

    As for the glob and the dots i believe those are the other pieces of eden or w/e. at least thats what i have understood.

    And no... they aren't 'hypnotized' by it because its not using that power its just creating a 3D rendering of the earth :P
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    yea they saw Earth as it was not how they thought it was, FLAT, so maybe they were surprised come on didnt you think of that.
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    I doubt they were suprised by the fact they saw the earth as being a globe. It's a common mistake people think that the people before 1492 didn't know the earth was a globe instead of being flat; from very early on people knew the earth was round.
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