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    I don't get any message when opening/closing torpedo tubes after installing the 1.2 patch...

    It's really anoying I think.
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    I still do for opening (you never get one for closing which is stupid).

    Check that you have an officer as the weapons officer.
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    True, if you don't have a WO stationed, no message will be shown, for patch 1.2 also. It works as intended.
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    It's a text message only, not a verbal one.
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    Hi guys..

    U were right, I did'nt have the WO at he's post. Honestly I find no reason for using him there when you use automatic torpedo calculation..

    I use to keep him in the quarters to replaces tired officers at other posts.
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    Weapon Officer comes in **** handy when you want to get torpedos from external storage to internal though.
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    Hmmmm....I didn't know the weapons officer helped in moving external torpedoes. I just loaded up my torpedo room to max efficiency and wait like 50 minutes

    I usually don't use a weapons officer other...although I do use him when I want to make **** sure that my open tube door was registered
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    The only function the WO serves for me is to open my tube doors. I generally use my navigator for this, since I don't really need him when I'm in the final reaches of my attack run ...
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