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    Having just been shoot down online(in an early entry into the full real/switch servers) literally without seeing what hit me I decided to check out mirrors.Now I assigned a key(Ctrl M)and found that it formed a black stripe across the base of the monitor.Mt first reaction was to check conf.ini res. was still at 1280x1024.|It was!So can you tell me whats the line about?Why is there 3 toggle steps instead of just 2 (on/off)The horrible black stripe remains even if mirrors are off.And there is some kind of image in the bottom left of stripe...Any help appreciated!
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    Dunno about that bottom line ....

    But them mirrors have 3 positions, one off, and two on, of which one has more detail than the other. (FPS wise this can be a good thing...)

    Have Fun!
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    (I don't know the answer but...) Try another command instead of Ctrl M. I found that cerain key strokes used to start off one of my media-players, thus closing the sim in mid game.
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