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    I have an AMD 2.5 barton and Asus MB with a gig of ram and a RAd pro 9800 ...

    i have some money to burn.. what should I get to make games run better? I was looking at one of the two...

    a 939 socket MB with a athlon 64 3.2 ,, around 350 bucks

    or a Nvidia 6800 ultra around 400 bucks

    one or the other.. thanks for your input
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    If the memory is good for the new mobo, I'd go for the 939 athlon + mobo and think about the graphics card later. IMHO you want the processing power before you make it look really pretty

    Consider whether you want to go PCI-E or not.
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    I am considering something like your upgrade in PCI-e.

    PCI-e mobos for AMD are already hitting the marget. They use DDR memory.

    New PCI-e graphics cards from ATI are supposed to come out soon, but I whether they will really exist or be more high end ATI vaporware remains to be seen,
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    if you read toms hardware guide website vid cards can jump the frames just as well as cpu's so its a tough call hehehe
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    there, i saved you 50 dollars


    Asus A8V Deluxe VIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Processor
    Masscool Socket 754/939 CPU Cooling Fan
    Soyo Black ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case
    all together for $300.
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    man thanks.. but i hate via i am wanting to go Nforce
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    You won't get the good out of the fancy video card without the CPU and RAM to push it along. Get the foundation before you start hanging the trim! Remember, you are going to need 3200 RAM and no, don't beleive the eggheads who say your slower RAM will work well because chances are, it won't! Still, DDR2 capable AMD 64 mommaboards are just around the corner (or so I've been told) and if you can hold on about two more weeks, you can get a DDR2 capable mommaboard for that AMD 939 pin 64
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    i have good ram duel side 3200 ... the new boards are all going to be pci slot for video and the cards coming out will be as well i want to take advatage of the AGP cards that will be cheaper .... I thought there are 400 mh ram boards on teh market now thoug??
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    What do you guys know about the AMD 64 FX series CPU? Which CPU do you recommend? I don't mind spending a lot, but not if I don't need it to play effectively. The AMD sight says the FX-55 is the most advanced processor and ideal for cinematic editing and production. I'm not Martin Scorsese, so maybe something cheaper will work, but there are too many to choose from, and I can't tell the diffences.
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    the brand new ones are way to expensive.... I am going from barton 2.5 to 64 3.2 or 3.8 not sure wich
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