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    I picked up this DVD on Saturday and I have finished watching it. It's quite a good film about a few escapees from the Malmedy massacre in the Ardennes in 1944, who along the way pick up a British airman who has some vital intelligence to to reach allied hands. This small band of soldiers try to reach their own lines.

    However, some artistic licence was made with the opening scenes at Malmedy, the fact that they seem to have gotten the true facts of the gunning down of US POW's a little wrong was something I picked up on straight away. Obviously a low budget film with no "stars" playing the parts makes the film less of a Hollywood blockbuster feel - it's somehow a little bit gritty in it's approach.

    The story line is somewhat similar to Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. A good film to check out, I picked it up in HMV for a fiver - not bad value I have to say, and it certainly surprised me.

    Saints & Soldiers
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    Oo I have this on DVD but I never got to watch it yet. I'm going to have to now
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    I got it for Christmas - quite an enjoyable film I thought. Historically imperfect, but if it helps people (with a more casual interest in history) appreciate the experiences of soldiers in WW2, then that's no bad thing.

    I thought the characters were very good.
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    Historical accuracy aside I actually thought it was a fair film when looking at the individuals involved - all with their own stories. More of a thinking man's war film, looking at the mental anguish all soldiers have to deal with at some time in their lives.
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    I have this on my NETFLIX queue ... about 4 away. It gets pretty good reviews.

    I also have "Deathwatch" in my queue, a WWII based horrer movie. Obviously fiction, but I get into history based stuff (as do most here, I suspect)
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    I also have "Deathwatch" in my queue

    Good one
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