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    I think there is enough missions to play single player for few weeks. You passed courtesans missions? Shops (dottore, fabbro, etc) missions? Da Vinci's missions?

    Anyway, ubisoft, we, customers, are opened for Copernicus dlc, please, release it to pc too, ps3 already got too many exclusives.
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    I concur - PS3 and XBOX players always get the best exclusive content, they wait less time for their releases, AND they don't get forced to go online with these stupid DRM inclusions on PC discs. It'd be sure nice if we were all treated equally when it comes to content like expansion and missions (perhaps the console players also would like things PC players get but they don't).

    As for spectatorx's comment, I agree there is ALOT to cover in the game however, once you complete the game, finish all the additional missions and find everything, there isn't much to do but sit and twiddle your thumbs hoping for the sequel game to be announced or sit replaying the same frustrating missions striving for 100% Synchronization.

    I'm probably not alone in feeling that there must be a huge pileup of information and mission ideas that were intended for these games but did NOT make it into the cut (for length purposes, for time restrictions leading to release, ideas still in development, etc) that could possibly become DLC in future.

    I'm sure several people would even be willing to PAY for downloadable missions (as long as the prices were reasonable and not matching the retail prices of the main game - I'd be quite happy to pay something like £2.99 - £4.99 for DLC missions depending on the amount of content in there and what they added!).

    My thought is that the story spans so many centuries (between ancestors) and the addition of the 2012 storyline, the inclusion of various conspiricies, clues, side-stories through emails and audio clips, etc, that there is no way even adding on another two sequel games could POSSIBLY conclude and tie everything up into a nice neat sensible package. I don't believe they could do any of that with even another ten games.

    There's so much room for expansion here and I really hope they go with it. At least release another four DLC missions until the release of the sequel game to keep us entertained and yearning for more.
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