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    Was a missed opportunity. A very interesting time period, three amazing cities... I wish there was a way to redo the game, make it a game worthy of the settig and location...

    Your thoughts?
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    yep it had a great time period for a stealth game with all the people dying and what not, but yeh they really messed up with that.
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    Honestly, I thought it better than AC2 and AC:B.
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    I liked how the devs used the Third Crusade as a setting for the story but didn't try to show how the Assassins shaped the events of the Holy Land, rather focusing on what was going on behind the scenes and only minutely portraying historical characters & events (King Richard, the Battle of Arsuf, etc). I think they went a bit overboard with AC2 & AC:B by suggesting that the Assassins were at the front lines of everything and responsible for all Renaissance innovation, especially with unbelieveable things like "Machiavelli was an Assassin and Leonardo da Vinci was his ally". In AC1 major historical characters were themselves; Richard & Saladin remained untainted. It was only the minor figures with unclear histories that were woven into the main story.
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    I'm sure if they made AC 1 like Assassins creed 2 and brotherhood, the assassins creed series would be rated the best series in a long time. the story was great, but game play just didn't do it for most people, which is understandable
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    The gameplay was fine, they just needed to make the investigations a bit more cinematic and more challenging.
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    I personally love the game. In fact, today I stopped playing Brotherhood for a bit and loaded up AC1.

    The atmosphere was just awesome, and there is something about the lighting or the graphics that just seemed better than it's sequels. The Desmond parts were WAY different too (Desmond and Lucy changed personality a bit). Felt almost like a different game (though somewhat boring) where Desmond in 2 and brotherhood seems the same as the parts in the animus.

    That, and the Animus 1.0 is WAY cooler in my opinion.

    I would like to see more in that time period, but oh well...
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    While on the subject of better aspects of AC1, I think the texture detail on the characters was slightly better too. I haven't played Brotherhood yet, so I dunno if they've changed it again (Darn PC!) but I thought the people looked better in AC1.

    The atmosphere in general is a lot more hostile - which I like. I felt like all the guards wanted to get rid of me, but they weren't allowed unless I provoked them, even in some minor way. And when they were chasing me, there was a lot more 'instinct' involved. Their locations weren't pointed out to you, there wasn't any health bars for enemies, and you actually had to look around to spot guards when alerted - in AC2 they had that arrow over their head shouting "IM HERE LOLZ". This, as well as the in depth planning required before taking out someone, made being an assassin seems like a much bigger risk then. Again, in AC2 I felt they skipped out on this part of the game because each assassination had hardly any planning involved. This might have been alright in the start of game, when Ezio is young, but later on it just gets trivial when everything's being spoon fed to you.

    And yes, the original animus is MUCH cooler than the animus 2.0. It just seems too cartoony in comparison.
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    StrokeMyBeagle I feel the same way. The one thing I loved about AC1 was the fact there was no enemy health bars or arrow indicators. I actually turned them completely off in AC2 and ACB and have never played with them on. I think it makes the game more challenging that way. Also I think it makes it feel more real and less like a game. I also turn of Ezios health bar and any hud elements that run along the top of the screen so it doesn't get in the way of the beautiful graphics
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    I just wish there was also a way to disable that stupid glowing Animus highlighting effect on enemies. But Ubisoft has never been one for reverse engineering of upgrades & intrusive HUD elements.
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