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    I only have 26/7 feathers any help
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums
    To save you trouble, the easiest way to find where you missed the feathers is to go to start> DNA> feathers and then pick the city and you will see how many you need for each place. I've found that it helps to look at night so you can see them glowing.
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    Go to this page http://www.gamesradar.com/f/as.../p-4#romagnafeathers print it out and find them it´s gonna take a while but you can find´em just matter of time.
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    origenly posted by racsi10 go to this page..... print it out and find emits gonna take a whilebut u can find em just matter of time
    thans ill try that
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    Use your eagle vision..turn it on. It will makes everything goes dark and the feathers will stand out like a sort thump.
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