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    Campaign mission files are stored in
    ...//steamapps/common/il2 sturmovic cliffs of dover/parts/bob/mission/campaign/(campaign folder)

    you cant (AFAIK) access these files directly from fmb to change them- you need to copy them to ..//docs... folder to edit/save with fmb then copy back to campaigns to play as part of campaign- they don't make it easy
    You can make your own folders within the missions folder to help navigation

    One other cause of saving problems can be vehicle/trains with only a single waypoint
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    Hi guys

    Can You help with one thing? I made a mission in full mission builder but when im starting it, my plane has already engine working. In IL1946 it was always off - i cant find an option to make it off while im starting a mission.

    Can You possibily help me with that thing?
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