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    Full mission builder - engine always on

    Hi guys

    Can You help with one thing? I made a mission in full mission builder but when im starting it, my plane has already engine working. In IL1946 it was always off - i cant find an option to make it off while im starting a mission.

    Can You possibily help me with that thing?
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    Are you referring to IL2:Cliffs of Dover?
    Check the difficulty settings that are in effect when you test fly the mission, it may be that flying with the "Complex Engine Management" setting turned off results in your engine being already started when the mission launches.
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    I did, all setting are set on 100% realism. Im setting them before starting a flight

    The only one mission i can start from 0 is training mission on hirricane.

    FMB, making my own server or campagine starts from engine on and i realy cant understand it...
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    On FMB check the box "Parked" on plane properties.
    They start on some spawn point - from the high for the lower number - with engines OFF, start then and taxi to runway to take off.

    If you want the plane spawn on runway with engines OFF need create a new runway over the actual one, with new spawn point where you want.

    Check ATAG "Mission builders" for more info/help.

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