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    How is the plane position for the player determined by IL-2?

    I thought I understood this, but apparently I don't. Let's say I create a mission where a specific squadron has 16 planes (4 flights of 4 planes) which the AI labels #1-#16. On the Properties tab on the Object screen I assign all 4 flights to the same squadron (44th Squadron, 18th FG). I know that it doesn’t really matter which plane within the 4 flights I check the Player check box, because the AI will determine which plane is actually assigned to the player. I thought it was all based upon rank. If the player was the lowest rank, he would usually be assigned to plane #16. If the player was the highest rank, he would be in plane #1. While testing my campaign, my player pilot started the first mission at the lowest rank. Over the course of the campaign, my pilot worked his way up to Colonel with a score of 12K+ points. At this point, I had assumed, my pilot would always be put in the #1 plane. That is not the case. He usually ends up as a flight leader (#5, #9, #13), but seldom squadron leader (#1). This affects target placement in the mission.
    Does anyone understand how the AI determines which plane the player’s pilot is assigned? Does the skill assigned to a specific plane affect whether the player’s pilot will be assigned that plane? For example, if the #1 plane is assigned the skill ACE, will that decrease the chance the player will be assigned that plane while a #1 plane assigned the skill ROOKIE will increase the probability the player will get that plane?

    One last question, is there a place where I can submit a suggestion for the next IL-2 patch? Adding a way to assign a player to a specific plane would make life so much easier.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this subject.
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    It is already possible in the FMB but not yet in the QMB. It has been suggested for a future patch.. it is possible because Mission Mate was able to do it.
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    The Daidalos Team posts their updates at the 1C forums.
    There are several threads already discussing future content requests so you could post your requests there.
    Daidalos Team forum at 1C: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/forumdisplay.php?f=202

    Player's aircraft is based on rank, not on aircraft you check in: http://www.mission4today.com/index.p...p=show&kid=325
    Originally Posted by Zeus-cat
    When building an offline campaign you need to keep in mind that the "Player" box does not guarantee that the player will fly this plane during the campaign. Many campaign builders don't realize that your plane is determined by the rank you hold and not by the plane they selected when building the mission.

    Checking the "AI Only" box doesn't do anything to alter this; that box is to hide planes for coop missions and has no affect in single player campaigns.

    I did a quick test with one of my campaigns. Rank 1 is the lowest rank and rank 7 is the highest rank. I put 4 planes per flight and 4 flights in one squadron for 16 planes. I checked plane 1 of flight 1 as the player's aircraft. I then started the campaign with the lowest rank and noted which aircraft I was in. I deleted the campaign and started over with rank 2 and repeated the process until I reached the highest rank. I then switched the player's aircraft to plane 4 of flight 4 and repeated the process and noted which aircraft I was in. I always ended up in an aircraft based on my rank, not based on which plane was checked in the mission.

    Here are the results from lowest rank to highest:
    Rank 1 Plane 16 (last guy in the squadron)
    Rank 2 Plane 4 (last guy in squadron commander's flight)
    Rank 3 Plane 14 (wingman to flight 4 leader)
    Rank 4 Plane 2 (squadron commander's wingman)
    Rank 5 Plane 13 (flight leader of flight 4)
    Rank 6 Plane 5 (flight leader of flight 2)
    Rank 7 (highest) Plane 1 (squadron commander)

    Notice that if you have all 16 planes in a squadron and all are planes that people can fly, then you can never assign the player to planes 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 15.

    If you have less than 16 planes in the player's squadron then you will have to make adjustments, but you should be able to figure out where the player would be.

    There are three ways around this. One, make only one flight per squadron a flyable aircraft. The player will be forced to stay in the one flight of player flyable aircraft.

    A second option is to put only one flight in the player's squadron, say squadron 1. All the other planes in the mission would then be assigned to squadrons 2, 3 or 4.

    The third option is to tell the player to select the highest rank and them you know he will be in plane 1 of flight 1 if that plane is flyable.


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