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    I'd like some tips on avoiding getting nailed by that first head on pass in QMB. Find it a bit of a drag.

    Thank You in advance,
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    I'd like some tips on avoiding getting nailed by that first head on pass in QMB. Find it a bit of a drag.

    Thank You in advance,
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    If i am in a plane with better climbing ability i will pull between 650-800m above initial altitude. Simultanously i will pull about 30-45 degrees of my original heading.

    Once i have the enemy in sight (i play cockpit on, no icons offline) i will begin a slow turn in towards the enemy flight, firewall the throttle and begin a shallow dive. I will continue to dive and turn gently until i am almost back on my original course and altitude. The AI have usually been climbing all this time so are forced to nose down to track me.

    Once i am about 700m-1km from the AI i will 'bunt' my plane downwards and begin a slow yawing barrel roll to make myself a hard target. Additionally i put myself some ten to fifteen degrees off the inital course. As the AI commit to the pass i contine the roll slightly faster and wider. Almost before they are on me (less than 100m) i will start to pull up in the roll. Once they are past me i then continue the pull up.

    I then curve up and over in a resanoably gentle turning pull over. Not a straight loop or a hard turn but a balance between the two. The AI usually proceeds to do either a hard turn to follow me or a shallow climbing turn.

    If you do it correctly you can come out of your turn some 800 m or higher above the AI, having forced them to waste E going nose down and trying to nail you. Then put your bird in a very shallow dive. Hopefuly you have enough speed to catch them in their turn or otherwise begin a serise of 'helix' climbing spirals and force them to come to you, putting you in a superior position.

    Hope this helps, usually works for me in a P-47 vs 4 Ace 109s or 190s. I can usually down one at least in a tail chase pass less than 30-40 seconds sfter the head to head.
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    Shoot better than the enemy


    Set your resolution to 1024x768. It's what the sim is native to

    Then, learn how to be a pretty good shot

    You can easily make the enemy turn away (I'm playing 3.04m right now, but this has been true since FB came out in my experience) in a pure head-on- no climbs or turns

    If you let him shoot first, you're probably a goner. Accuracy is key, but you will get that in time
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    I usually just start shooting first - it makes the enemy concentrate on dodging the bullets instead of aiming at me. I'll start shooting at 800+ meters.
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    Found that if you can even get one shot in them, they don't pursue. May not be true in all cases but it is in the ones I try. Also, the ace setting for AI in qmb certainly seems to be dumbed down a lot from the previous life. Used to be I was killed 9 out of 10 times in a/ against a yak 3 . Now it's the other way around. Go figger.
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    You can do like ImpStarDeuce says.

    Also you can try to get slightly off course (not exact head on just let your a/c goes left or right from course), so you will pass by enemy fighters on some distance. Second thing, they will most likely try to force head on and to do so they must maintain direct collision course. You just go straight, and in shooting range pull down they will follow you; when they pass over you pull full up and stay that way untill you run outta energy.

    If you manage to survive that (you *must* have energy fighter for this tactic), the rest of the fight is piece of cake even versus 4 ace boogies (LA7s Yak3s etc.) because of your energy advantage.

    Just take not that they can hit you *only* in the first pass if you run outta energy too soon. Otherwise they must quit pursuit on considerably distance beneath you and therefore they are sitting ducks.(read:Powerless)

    Then you go ahead practice your BnZ skills.

    Happy hunting.
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    With a few MG hits, even in odd places, you can make the AI pull off. However, if you need to, neg. G maneuvers usually can throw off their aim. The best part is they also help bleed E, which means you can turn around faster, gain speed, and also have the maneuvering advantage in a D/F if you're in the right plane. In a plane where E is essential though, use a lot of rudder and wing over away from their guns.
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    What ImpStarDeuce said. I use that move online and offline and almost never get hit. But against the AI, you do have to time it properly. In QMB, I usually will get some speed up first (over 330 kph), then start the gradual pull up at best climb speed. This usually gives me some altitude advantage, and when about 1.8 km out, I begin the descent, passing diagonally in front of them at about 0.7 km out, coming under and gently pulling up and over. In this way, you are moving in 3 dimensions, making it very difficult to be hit but still conserving E.

    This move was taught to me by Ojisan_Alpha back in the CFS2 days.


    * _54th_Speeder *
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    Guess I should add I've been flying the 41 Spit V against 190s & 109G-2s.

    Not an E fighter per se, low roll rate, worse handling at high speed. Lose too much speed/E and it's hard to catch up.
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