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    I see that there are some big waves are being generated around supposedly cracked FILES.SFS Lets get all the facts straight, before all this mass histeria goes any further. Give me couple of days and i will verify if problem actually exists, dev team is aware of it.... and if it does, what counter measures will be taken, OK?

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    If files are cracked, will they make a patch for the crack?....Or just rebuild the files entirely?

    More so, what are files made of?......That is very important as if you intend to patch a cracked file and it is made of steel, it may require welding....Naturally if concrete mortar....In my case though cracked yet not a file Thorazine......

    P.s........If they try to fixed the cracked files with Thorozine like me..........Will they drool and smile a lot too?

    Thanks for your response,

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Emperor of France,
    Germanic Wilderness,
    Ottoman Empire,
    the Russia's,
    and all the free world once I can stop tweeking my own nipple.
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    only thing to know is if modified FB files are able to join games online

    has been said in the past "no"

    one guy over at simHQ says otherwise
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    Originally posted by LEBillfish:
    More so, what are files made of?.......
    Olegs files are made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

    Hackers files are made of slugs and nails and puppy dogs tails.

    I wouldnt think it would be too hard to make a patch to fix the exploits, hacks. Oleg knows his own engine much better than any hacker.
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    Listen to the man,
    all this talk of riding the waves of hysteria
    and niplle tweaking, makes me want to take over the command stucture. Listen up people we have under age people on these grounds. If we can not control our emotions here at Cheeyne Mountain then I'm forced to make a S.A.C ajustment
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    Cheating or not,they always shoot me down anyway
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    Cracked ? CRACKED

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (roll manic laughter)
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    I'm always relaxed

    Won't fly @ Gennadich until this is sorted, though.
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    IMHO, unless Oleg stops porking luftwaffe, there will never be an end to the cracking stuff.
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    Ooops, Now the forums been cracked.
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