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    Link below to the planned sinking of the attack carrier USS Oriskany off the coast near Pensacola, FL to be used as an artifical reef. Story says it was the only carrier credited with shooting-down a Russian MiG.

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    Not the best way fer a lady to go down BUT better than being shipped to China/Japan to be SOLD back to us as razors and cans!!!
    But I will myself have to go and dive on her next year!!

    "So..IF we DO get torp planes who is gonna model the torps themselves? And the fleet?"
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    It’s sad she could not have been made into a Museum; but at least she put up one hell of a fight. Plans to scrape this proud ship have continually fallen though, I guess it is fitting that she like so many other war ships will end up on the Ocean floor.

    The USS Oriskany was decommissioned to reserve 15 May 1976; she was last Essex class in commission as a warship. She was stricken for disposal 25 July 1989. Sold for scrapping 26 Jan 1993; scrapper defaulted and ship was repossessed without leaving Navy custody. Resold for scrapping 29 Sept 1995, towed to San Francisco 1 May 1996; subsequently moved to Mare Island for scapping, however scrap contract was revoked 1 July 1997. Towed to Beaumont, Texas for storage, 4/1999.
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    Geez!!...sounds like somebody above just didn't want that pretty lady to die for the longest time! I wonder when the mig was shot down? Korea? (no, I didn't read the article if it says when the mig was shot down...I'm lazy)
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    The MiGs were shot down during the Korean War. There were several shot down during the encounter between Grumman Panthers and Soviet MiGs. And they were Soviet.

    And frankly I can't think of a better use of an old warship like her than an artificial reef. In that capacity, she keeps on giving.
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    yep, that's my old ship. ('63-'65) Spent many hours watching flight ops.
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    Wow.. the O boat is going down... I was on CVA 43... the U.S.S. Coral Sea.... I slept right under the number 3 wire I think it was.......BOOM!!!!!! ENNHHNHNHNHNHNHNHNNNHHHHHHHHH..........rikehrikehr ikehrikehrikeh..... Every time a plane landed on the deck. We were flying A-7s, A-6s, F-4s, and A-4s...... for the most part.
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    Helping sea life is great and all, but that's a LOT of metal. Seems it would be more beneficial to the environment to recycle it and not have to strip mine for quite as much. :/
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    It WILL be recycled!!! Just that it will be left to Mother nature to do that in her own time.
    But I'd rather see her as a museum but that is a financial problem with a VERY expensive solution.
    And being a diver I think that it should both help marine ecology and animals as well as entertain humans. Besides I'd rather be able to take me 3 sons diving on it than to let them drink from a can or shave with what used to be her.

    "SO..IF we DO get torp planes who is gonna model the torps themselves? And the fleet?"
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    Ever see the results of strip mining?

    We will be making those cans and razors, and cars, and planes and everything else anyway....y'know?

    Not that this is a 'bad' use, just that I think (personally) there could be a better one.
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