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    Need the patch that removes SafeDisc from this game

    Dear Ubisoft (please forgive the username; I made this account years ago and can't figure out how to change it)

    I need the patch to remove SafeDisc as described here. It has a URL which goes to Ubisoft servers but the link is now dead. Now that Windows 10 is out and Safedisc will not function with Windows 10 at all (source) it is vitally important that owners of the boxed version of this game, like me, have a means of purging the Safedisc malware out of the game.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Unfortunately, most of the sites that hosted No-CD/SafeDisc removal patches have disappeared, and many of them promoted software piracy. You may be able to find the patches on BitTorrent services, but that's not really a good idea -- the risks of also downloading malware in the process are way too great.

    Some of the available Revelation electronic downloads might play on Win 10. For example, from old-games.com

    Revelation uses SafeDisc 3 DRM. Try doing a Google search for SafeDisc 3 DRM removal.

    See also:

    -- How to Play Games with SafeDisc or SecureRom DRM on Windows 10

    -- How to play SafeDisc and Securom DRM games in Windows 10.

    If all of that isn't satisfying, take a look at the following:

    -- Is Windows 10 Backwards Compatible With Your Existing Software?

    -- How to Make Old Programs Work on Windows 10

    -- Run as Administrator in Windows 10

    -- Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

    -- How to Change Compatibility Mode Settings for Apps in Windows 10
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    Thank you for replying.

    However, I'm not looking for unofficial or possibly illegal patches and cracks. That fellow in the forum I linked to first provided a direct link to a ubisoft server for precisely the patch I need - supposedly, a fix that would remove SafeDisc from the game. He (or she) wasn't posting a link to a shady 3rd party site.

    I know you're a moderator, and maybe not a Ubisoft employee, but I would really appreciate it very much if you would send a message out to whomever you have contact with at Ubisoft from the old days (that post with the zip file URL is from 2004 - hard to believe!) and ask if that zip file is still around. Someone hopefully has it somewhere.

    I'd much rather have the official Safedisc removal method, safely from Ubisoft servers, then to try to "hack" my system to remove safedisc, or more likely with Windows 10, deal with the fact that the game might be unplayable because Safedisc doesn't work.

    Or can you confirm for me that patch 1.03 removes Safedisc? My game file is still at the original DVD version; I tried it once yesterday, it crashed, so I came here. I want to try the patches next, but if the patches don't remove SafeDisc then I still have a problem - I can't afford to play a game with a RootKit (which is what SafeDisc sounds like to me, similar to SecureROM) on my PC. I need to make sure the driver is removed.

    Thank you again for your time and for helping me out
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    In general,
    -- a. Install Revelation to your C: drive.
    ----- 1. If you have a very small C: that's reserved for system files only, install Revelation to D:.
    ----- 2. Do NOT install the game to an external drive, either USB or E-SATA.
    -- b. Start Revelation from a fresh boot.
    ----- 1. Disable all anti-virus/spyware/adware/pop-up programs running in the background.
    ----- 2. If you have only a software firewall (ZoneAlarm, for example), do NOT disable it!
    ----- 3. Do NOT run any other programs before starting Revelation.
    -- c. Do NOT boot up with a CD or DVD in any drive.
    -- d. If the Revelation disc autostarts when you insert it into the drive, cancel back to the Desktop.
    -- e. Start the game using the Revelation icon on the Desktop, NOT the menu item on the Revelation disc.

    For the record, the moderators on these Forums are volunteers and are NOT Ubisoft employees.

    The Version 1.03 patch by itself does not remove Safedisc. It is, however, part of a process. If you open Useful Links & Information - PLEASE GO HERE Before Posting! at the top of this Forum (and there's a very good reason for the title!), you'll find Myst IV: Patch for Please Insert Correct CD Error. The process is explained in the latter thread, and the link to the necessary files works.

    The Revelation patches are available here. I recommend applying the 1.02 patch and then the 1.03 patch. The 1.02 patch is 41.1 MB, while the 1.03 patch is only 15.4 MB, which may mean there's "good stuff" included in 1.02 that isn't included in 1.03. Apply the patches as follows after re-installing Revelation:
    -- a. Log into Windows with full Administrator privileges, and close all open applications.
    -- b. Click on Start > Run.
    -- c. Browse to myst4_v1.00_to_v1.02_pc.exe, and double-click on it to put it in the Open: box.
    -- d. Click on OK to start the install process.
    -- e. Follow the Wizard's instructions, and accept the install defaults.
    -- f. Reboot when installation is complete.
    -- g. Log into Windows with full Administrator privileges, and close all open applications.
    -- h. Click on Start > Run.
    -- i. Browse to myst4_v1.0_to_v1.03_pc.exe, and double-click on it to put it in the Open: box.
    -- j. Click on OK to start the install process.
    -- k. Follow the Wizard's instructions, and accept the install defaults. Reboot when installation is complete.
    ---- 1. Start Revelation from a fresh boot as per steps b. through e. under "In general", above.
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