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    Then you've went against one of the most unique things about this game - you play the SP for a long time.


    For pete's sake, is it because you really believe in this 2012 nonsense? YOU'RE GROWN UP MEN AND WOMEN!

    *sigh* *hulksmashes wall*
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    Im sorry but does multiplayer discussion blind you or.... am i missing something?

    People on here are passionate about multiplayer... singleplayer as well dont get me wrong.

    But i believe you are talking to the wrong people... i'm all for the singleplayer, but the multiplayer has stolen my heart.

    And your brain
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    Excuse me, I see this as more visited. Bias maybe? I stil don't care.
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    Rankya_94's Avatar Member
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    Someone beated it in 9.
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    The SP has gone down since AC II, but im sure there are sidequests and stuff to do after the main story is finished. And yeah, wrong forum...
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    They just want your £££

    Your $$$

    Your €€€

    Your ¥¥¥

    Alas there's no more currency symbols available...
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    Well if its any consolation I beat the MW3 campaign in less than 5.
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    Mr_Shade's Avatar Senior Community Manager
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    Let's wait and see what real world players get..

    If you rush through the main story, ignoring the side missions or den defence, maybe you can do it in 8...


    Part of the fun of the AC games is exploring - finding side missions, treasure and finding all of the hidden "things"

    If you skip all of the side missions etc and don't go exploring, you're only playing half of the game in my mind..

    This thread does belong in the single player forum really though.. Since multiplayer enjoyment can go on for months..
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    I agree with Mr_Shade. Why rush through the story when you have a whole city to explore. You can look for collectibles, do side missions, treasures, test bombs, or even just walk around the city and climb the view points. That's the whole beauty of the AC series.

    But I gotta say, the series has shorten time wise. My guess is because ACB and ACR are almost like chapters to AC2. I'm expecting AC3 to be a very long SP story line and play through.
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    There was a thread made about taking your time on the story, so I will tell you what I said in that thread: Take your bleeding time during the story, you'll get the most enjoyment out of it this way. The only way to enjoy the story the most you can possibly enjoy it, is to take it slow.
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