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    Edward avatar, nothing special.

    Signature: From one of the early trailers; Edward coming out of the smoke, throwing away his pistols, The pirate A surrounding him

    Be warned, I'm a knit-picker
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    Originally Posted by Flutterwhat Go to original post
    that would be fantastic!
    I made an attempt on your signature:

    I hope you like it. Please let me know.
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    hi, i asked for a signature in past and i really appreciated the work i received...

    now i need 3 art-works:

    [1] a cover for my facebook page: which should have the written:

    «facebook.com/MatteoCappellaccio» or «fb.me/MatteoCappellaccio» with the original font of facebook (i don't remember what its name is...)

    just like this, the original logo, but with the exception of the customization of my personal URL



    [2] a special avatar for my facebook personal profile:

    with 2 extras: the writing «fb.me/MatteoCappellaccio» with ORIGINAL font of facebook on the left edge (check out my profile for what i mean...) and the "classical graduate hat" inclined on right or left corner of the fb avatar (perhaps even in the middle if you believe it...)

    (obviously blue is the color of the avatar and black for the hat...)


    [3] and another special customized facebook avatar for my fb personal profile: same above: base: http://i.i.cbsi.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim2/2...ebook_logo.png , lateral writing «fb.me/MatteoCappellaccio» (with the original font of facebook) on the edge, but with just one extra: a pair of Big Black Sunglasses (perhaps in a kind of Cartoon-Fun-Style and similar to «Carrera», «Ray-Ban», etc.) to "apply" on the avatar in middle-high part of it...

    well, that's all, i know it's a quite great request, but i'm trustful, in your Photoshop skills ... if you have any question to what to do or how to do, please ask anytime!
    i'm waiting for an answer!

    ps. sorry for my imperfect english...
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    up == ehm, is there anybody wants to help me?

    d1sturbed_me, (or what your nickname is...) where are you?

    is he still active on this forum? may someone link his profile to me, so i can contact him?

    thaznk you...
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    Would someone mind turning this into a glamorous signature for me? Complete with florescent coloring, sparkles, and my username in cursive? =P
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    Ive an idea for a sig and was wonderin if anyone would be interested. Id love to work with d1sturbedme_468 again if possible. Much like the sig disturbed created for me in the past, this one will be somewhat animated.
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    If anyone's got any rather more polished/pro ideas for mine, I'm listening...
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    I'm not so experienced at this stuff...but I can still try to help x)
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