Welcome to the Self Help –Tech Support Forum.

BEFORE POSTING in this forum we ask you to take a few minutes to read the following advice on posting on these boards.

The Tech Support - Self Help forum is NOT a substitute for direct tech support. If you are having a problem with any Rainbow Six title, be sure to report it to http://support.ubi.com. The moderators and Forum Managers aren't experts on the game's technical aspects, so though we can try to help, we won't always have the answers. All issues should first be reported to tech support.

If you have already reported your problem to tech support and want to use this forum, here are some quick things that will help us to help you get your problems fixed faster.

Before posting check the Useful Links & Information thread to see if your issue/ problem is already covered.

Try to post all of your glitches/bugs/problems in the Tech Support forum. All of these threads need to be kept in this forum, so posting to this from the start will expedite any help coming your way.

Clearly mark what platform your problem occurred on. Different platforms are always running different versions of the game and, as such, will have different problems. If you're talking about the PC version, be sure to mention what patch (if any) you're running the game on, as well as your system specs.

When reporting glitches and exploits, DO NOT reveal how the glitch/exploit can be used. If knowing how it can be used is essential to understanding the problem, a moderator or I will contact you and ask for instructions. Please post any relevant information, but save how it's done for private discussions. By posting instructions, we run the risk of spreading the exploit to cheaters looking for instructions.

Be clear, concise and constructive. We understand your frustration, but flaming won't bring any more immediacy to your issue. Be reasonable and write your report with as much detail as you can. The more precise the report is, the easier it will be for all of us to investigate your problem and, in turn, come to a quicker solution.
Thanks everyone!