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    I thought the game play was a lot better than the first of course. I like the scenery, clothes, weapons, etc.

    But the story line left me a bit weary. I found the curse words poor and tasteless at times. Some of the short paragraph biographies of the people for instance, Leonardo da vinci, wow what a way to end his. You know maybe those things are true.. but what is the urge to slander or tarnish a mans name, of course hes not able to defend himself very well, after all hes dead. But there's just things you don't say about a person whether it be true or not, you know? maybe you don't. see, if your ex gf was to say personal things about you to others, you would feel inferior and its a pretty bad feeling. but that's just one example, there were several bits and pieces throughout the game that frankly has me pondering the age of the developers.

    To be honest.. it seems like a group of smart a s s e s created this game. But rather than turn this into a rant (if I haven't already) I just want to end that I believe the story line was more suited for my 14 year old brother, rather than me at 22 years old, Ive grown out of the cursing just because the words are there, smoking cigarettes because I'm cool, and life is oh so hard in the suburbs, and just tasteless expression.

    In conclusion reading many of the historical and sacrilegious slanders of the game and basically the story line in general left me with the same exact ending phrase of the game. What The F. And I say that respectfully. Just disappointed is all.

    I'm confident my teenage brother will understand the game completely and love it when I give it to him now. He eats this kind of stuff up on MTV or whatever.

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    cursewords aren't tasteful in real life either,they're not intended to be, and yet they are used so often that it'd almost be odd not to have them in the game tbh.

    but yeah i just find them funny tbh (cos thats just how immature i am right?)
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    the curse words were just expressed and placed in the script dialogue poorly. we all watch plenty of movies and see how well the actors use the swears with passion and feelings to get through to the audience. and that is acceptable. from experience of westerns and war movies you wont find as many curse words as you'd expect unless one was to express powerful emotion, for instance a 6 inch laceration to ones hand.

    anyways its just an opinion. when arguing and trying to get a point across with my brother he tends to just go off in a tangent of curse words to display his emotion.. but then the whole debate dialogue goes out the window, because im looking at him after being called all the names he can recite from his little 14 year old brain like he was raised in the city which he was NOT, and I tell him "look you little ****, i will bite your ****ing face off" which usually ends the argument because at this time i have saliva dropping from my mouth and my eyes red with rage and veins in my neck...but the whole point i was trying to get across goes out the window because we stooped to insults. But when you start to enter curse words into daily dialogue when it is not necessary is when it becomes tasteless, imho.

    and my name is Richard.... Al_Mualims_nan. And I don't expect you to heed my words or see it my way, you being from the UK you lot like to learn things the hard way.
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    aww you didnt even like the ''Desmond, shut. The ****. Up. Please.''? or even Rosa goin insane? made my day tbh (not that i had done anything else on either of those days...but yeh thats not the point)

    i got the same level of amusement out of the cursewords as the anecdote regarding your rage pumped salivation. had a very vivid image goin' there, despite having no idea what you look like.

    but yeh arguments fail in general, most are just like ''IM TALKING LOUDER THAN JOOO SO I WIN SO THERE'' (they amuse me a bit too tho tbh. 'tis possible that i'm pleased too easily but thats for another argument i guess).

    n too true about learning things the hard way (i learnt that urine is not a particularly nice drink the hardest way possible)
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    you being from the UK you lot like to learn things the hard way.
    @ nvaspider: Are you looking to start a fight? Comments like this are not acceptable.

    too true about learning things the hard way (i learnt that urine is not a particularly nice drink the hardest way possible)
    @ Al_Mualims_Nan: Too much information, and unnecessary really.

    Topic Closed.
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