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    To keep this simple this is a list of all the things I didn't enjoy in AC:B

    1. The Full Synchronization system.
    Every time a mission gives me a challenge for full synchronization I feel that I must accept. Often times this will lead me to playing a single mission at least 4 times. This is extremely annoying and instantly takes me out of the game into a more ****ed rage mode. I know that these aren't requirements for completing the game but I intend on reaching 100% completion and I don't want to have to go back and play these missions again. In one mission I was told to assassinate a target from a bench. I waited forever for him to come by when I could have EASILY assassinated him in a secluded area.

    2. Assassination missions stopped becoming fun
    I remember back in AC 1 every time you went to assassinate someone there was some type of cut scene leading up to your attack. It shows them in the act of hanging someone or just something as awesome as that. Nowadays when I go to assassinate some huge target lke the Banker it's almost as if I'm going to kill some common guard. The excitement is almost completely gone.

    3. Bring back the dialogue after an Assassination.
    One of my favorite things after an assassination in AC 1 was hearing the templar's side of the story. I don't know why you removed that (Some public outcry?) but it really gave insight to who you assassinated and just overall made it more interesting. I absolutely loved that. Please re-add it in the next game.

    4.Another thing about full Synch.
    When I went to go assassinate some abstergo agent (The one on the horse who's good with his sword)it told me not to kill anyone but him. So I run over to where he is. Find him. Shoot him with my pistol and start booking it. As I'm running I begin to get chased by some horse and since these guys are all over me I call in my brotherhood figuring it wouldn't count as me killing them. I lose sync and restart the mission. Run back over there again, go to shoot him with my pistol but for some reason just as I let go of X the pistol jumped onto some other guard killing him instead of my target. This happened several more times and by the end of it I was about ready take my game and throw it out the window.

    Overall the game is amazing. Everything looks beautiful and fantastic. The combat has become 10x more interesting and it's still fun to just run around and free roam. However, the game could've been a lot better. As I said before Assassinations don't even feel like Assassinations anymore. Altair used to have tons of planning when it came to Assassinating a target. But now Ezio just seems to just make it up as he goes along.

    Another thing that I really enjoyed was the Desmond/real life portion of the game. Getting up, walking around, talking with the people, and reading e-mails to figure out what's going on in the modern day is just simply awesome.

    As I get closer to the end of the game I'll add more to this list and I hope you will fix these issues
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    I LOVE full synch, myself. It's an extra challenge. Not like you need it to beat the game.

    I agree, I would like the dialogue to be longer after assassinations like the first one though. That was cool.
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    I kind of agree on the full synch thing. I understand the concept and I have to say I even like the concept I really do but when you play it you become more frustrated and angry than anything else. Ok actually now that I think of it I'm just going to say I HATE BEING TIMED!!!! STOP TIMING ME ON ASSASSINATIONS AND RACING! those are the worst synch requirements. I like the ones though that say kill target with whatever weapon. Ok fine. But do it in 40 seconds or else. I HATE THAT CRAP!
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    i liked acb better than the first one but i liked two the best. i did like the whole tap x to instantly kill a number of bad guys, i like recruiting assassin henchmen and calling in assassin airstrikes, and i like how in two and brotherhood give you have more options in how you manage your time where in the first one you basically could only get intel and kill people.

    other than that i was really bummed after brotherhood. first as much as i liked ezios new duds i was pretty happy to see the canonball come through the wall and bust it up because to me that meant no more one arm cape. that really bugged me. turns out i was wrong the one arm cape situation continued into brotherhood. then as if it wasnt enough to look like a onearm-caped clown, everything was really depressing. all he did was kill people and have his life suck more. in two he was all young and having a good time but in brotherhood he was old and past his prime. in two there was some comic relief with the gettin it on with cristina and banging the horse lesson girl but in brotherhood the only thing close to that is the disturbing sex scene at the beginning which was way too long i actually looked away because it made me uncomfortable and then you get teased with the cristina memories. you think theres gonna be some happy ending but then she wont go away with you, then you come back and shes engaged so you save her fiance and she gets ****ed at you about it, then you see her again she says she doesnt want to see you again cus you left her which she told you to do, then the next time you see her you save her then she says she wished she would have done exactly what you wanted and then dies. finally, if you werent already on suicide watch desmond kills lucy which seemed entirely unnecessary.

    what bugs me the most is the storyline. first of all im pretty sure in history the assassins were stoner a-holes and the templars, once the crusades were over, were just business men and then they were massacred by papal decree and had to disband and either join other knights or flee for their lives. but anyway i feel like once the leader of the assassins turned out to be trying to take over the world just like they guys they were fighting, a new order would have sprung up. to me it seems like after he found out he was living a lie and killed the leader of their order assassins would have stopped assassinating. still he got the apple of eden so all should have been well. then we got ezio who i think was a great character even though he totally botched killing rodrigo and securing the apple the first few times around.

    at the end of the game i just felt like they were getting a little too crazy with the conspiracy stuff. i think theyre just trying to stretch the assassins creed name into a few more games. the ending seems to suggest one of desmonds ancestors is reliving his memories through an animus which i find way too similar to the whole insheeption dream within a dream double decker taco supreme taco within a taco within a taco bell within a kfc thing. now they have to make more because i want to know what happens to ezio who is probably the best character they can ever make for the game but i think its gonna be hard for assassins to be effective in the modern world what with satellites and fire arms
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    Originally posted by carryabigstick:
    stoner a-holes
    When have you ever met a stoner a-hole? Stoners are the nicest and most relaxed people I know.
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    Disagree about the full sync, I liked that part & if I want I can go back & finish the things I didnt get 100% on.
    That gives me re-play value. Unlike the previous game, where you could not go back. (& thus couldnt get all the trophies if you missed something)

    I do agree about the assassinations. ACB is a lot easier, especially with your team to do the work for you.

    Of course there are probably some things that could be improved - I noticed a number of glitches etc playing though the game - but in the end I had so much fun I didnt really care about them.
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    Originally posted by persiateddy95:
    You should post that on the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Feedback Thread.
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    As stated - feedback thread, bish!
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    Please post in the above linked Thread.
    <span class="ev_code_RED">Topic Closed</span>
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