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    Hi all!

    I must be a moron cause no one has asked for help on this! Ok her it goes.

    Im on mission 3 of the orginal Settlers 6 campign.

    I need wool to make clothes so I can promote my hero to Sheriff? However I cannot get a trade agreement until I am authorized by the Sheriff of the capital city? But there are no quests given to me at all...? Nothing so the game leads no where?

    What have I missed that everyone else has done to get a response from the Sheriff and the game?

    I had no prob with mission 2, whereas many had probs!
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    The clothes you need to promote your hero to Sheriff don't have to be wool; they can be leather, which you get from your hunter via a tannery.
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    Yeah I figured that out after a while =)
    Thanx anyway =)
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