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Well as I am sure you've noticed the collection of sticky threads has gotten quite large so in a bid to make your viewing of the forums easier I welcome you to your new Useful Links & Information thread.

Below you will find previously stickied threads for your perusal and as and when any new threads suitable for this listing come along one of us will update this thread with the link and info
When updating this thread we will also update the date info in the title so you will know if it contains new info since your last viewing.

Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

Patch 1.11

Patch 1.08 Release Notes

Settlers 7 Update 1.07 OUT NOW!

Game Update 1.05

Very Basic Starter Guide

Admiral Calania's Settlers 7 Campaign Walkthroughs

How to use the Template Exchange

Settlers 7 - Build Order/Strategies Index

DLC 4 and Patch Version 1.12 available April 20th, 6PM CET

Rise of an Empire

Patch 1.71

Activation Problems with Eastern Realm
Network Problems workaround

S6 Map Editor Tutorials

Patch v1.3 Released!

How to add an avatar and signature to your forum profile

Graphic Cards and Drivers.

Settlers RoaE FaQ - Here are the answers

Technical Issues with Settlers

The Settlers Mini! URL for demo

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire -- Facts & Features [13-Jun-07]

Heritage of Kings

Patches for HoK

Patch 1.04 released

Radeon card problems: Fix.

S3/S4/S5/S2-TnG maps - new map server online

Settlers 4
Setting a Router to Play S4

Settlers 4 patches

Registering info for french players

Registreren en online spelen

Registrazione per giocare in linea (Italian)

How to join a clan

How to create a clan

S3/S4/S5/S2-TnG maps - new map server online


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Other Settlers

S2 10th Anniversary Patch

S3/S4/S5/S2-TnG maps - new map server online

Settlers III Technical Help (Routers, XP/Vista/7 64bit, Ports, QOTA, aLobby)

Installing and patching Settlers3 for XP and Vista
S2 DS Version queries

Settlers 3 : Patched Hosts File to Access S3 Lobby Server