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    OK, I've been shot don't by enough AI airplanes, now I want to try real pilots. Is there a place where a new guy can try playing on-line? I never played anyting on-line so I have no idea where to begin.
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    Go HERE
    and download the software. Be sure and join the Forgotten Battles room - that is where all the '46 players are. Read the instructions carefully and in a matter of minutes you will be online. I recommend trying the 334th dedicated server (naturally as I'm a member of that squad) but it has the easiest settings. If not your cup of tea try the UKDED 2 or 3 servers

    Most important - once online don't be frustrated! I fly online 15+ hours a week and spend most of that time in flaming wreckage Some of these guys are very very very good.
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    And don't forget Hyperlobby where I fly with the CPS boys. Online play is the only way of really getting to grips with your skills and you *will* learn a lot. Over time, you'll find a plane that suits your flying skills and patience, and soon enough, you'll be getting kills. Online flying is awesome as its joining a community of like-minded people as well as learning on what plane can as well as playing missions. I have been flying this sim since the day it was released and online play is where it's at.

    Last Friday for example, the CPS boys set up a Mustang vs Oscar dogfight and it was educational for me as I learned to use my plane's strengths to stick to a P-51 like glue and eventually shoot him down, despite having a slower and lighter plane.

    And do join a squadron: I highly recommend the CPS bunch where you can fly and also have fun.

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    ypu will need the latest patches as well, if you have 1946 you will need patch 4.08

    to find out which patches are required for what versions please see

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    OK. I tried hyperlobby, but they don't seem to support 1946. At least the client can't find the IL2FB.EXE. I've posted a question there, but no one has responded. Amy other ideas?
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    You got to point it to your exe file... in your 1946 folder... and you should be fine...

    And BTW try Warclouds... it is almost fullreal meaning you only have icons on, speedbar and a map icon...

    Lost of good pilots and you will find people there willing to help you along...

    Have fun...
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