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    So first off i was wondering how the preorder system works in the uk. i know normally you get the harlequin from gamestop however ive heard that the preorder system is different in the uk and i have preordered for pc and so was wondering if i will get the harlequin and captain (i didnt preorder on steam)

    Second is about the DLCs for pc. will we get the same ones currently released on pc and will it be purchase only for pc like previous games such as the call of duty series.

    Any input on this would be greatly appreciated as im wondering where the preorder and pc version stand on these issues
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    i have preordered for pc and so was wondering if i will get the harlequin and captain (i didnt preorder on steam)
    as far as I know they are only with the digital deluxe and the codex edition (hard copy) if you have only ordered a standard version of the game chances are you wont get the extras.

    also check the site you have ordered from as if they are giving any extras they will list them, if they don't list them you don't get them.
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    The general, standard edition PC version comes with the new "Davinci" disappearance DLC tacked on for free.

    The Codex edition for PC comes with the officer and the harlequin, plus extra singleplayer levels and lots of collectible stuff. Supplies are limited, however, and the Codex edition doesn't seem to be available in North America.

    The "Digital Deluxe" versions, on the other hand, is available for purchase from Ubishop.com, and from STEAM. They come with everything the Codex edition comes with-only in digital form.
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    ok thanks very much =) just found the wiki that has a table of what you get for each version too. it was actually preordered as a christmas present by someone else so i just have to hope.

    also just curious is there any news on how its goung to be supported. is it going to be online only ubisoft game launcher again or will it be on steam or what. still looking through wiki for information but nowadays its hard finding out things about pc since the consoles are taking over
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    it will use the new style DRM, where you will only need a one off activation to play.
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    sounds good to me =) once again thanks for the info and the quick reply and its good to hear you dont need a constant internet connection. mines good but i just found it a pain since i tend to play alot of games while im offline and do other stuff while im online
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    i have another question due to all the news about the new da vinci dlc

    now i heard you get harlequin, officer and drachen but after looking on the wiki it said console version only. i then checked the wikis references and none mentioned console only. i then checked pc info here and it listed the dlc under standard and then special had dlc and chars but after searching i found mixed info so my question is will standard come with chars in the dlc or will they be released sometime (PSP TEXT LIMIT)
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    post pc launch like the console version or not at all with standard. also i heard about some beat up 5 harlequins task in the dlc to get it for mp so does that apply for pc or is that how console gets it or is it fake.

    sorry about the double post
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