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    makes me think of the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion, kinda looks like the Black Hand Robe

    btw how the hell did you make this ? how can u mod those models ??? did you extract it from the forge files ?
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    Never played Oblivion (or any of the Elder Scrolls titles apart from Morrowind for, literally, forty-five seconds) so I'll just nod and agree with you.

    Now I want this damn mod

    PM ftw
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    I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, I just made that up.

    My level 5 Cow will smite your level 43 Pyre Demon ^_^
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    Uhm, yeah, okay. I don't do levels, I do dicepools
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    Well that just leaves it up to chance.

    Tough luck, your all-powerful mega-monster just got beat up by a joke of a creature, all because he rolled a six and you rolled a one.
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    Yes, it does indeed. Now back on track. Someone posted that he should keep the sash read (too lazy to scroll up and check) I think it might look good in midnight blue personally
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    Originally posted by ScytheOfGrim:
    Ooh... are these the first sightings of mods for the game?

    I like it, it's well done.
    But why is the sash black too?
    That should've been red, like the original, it would look better.

    Where's Kax to bash the person that's going to call Alty a ninja? xD
    Super Kax! dun-dah-dah!

    Good work, but I still say nay to Alty in black... and yeah, keeping the sash red would have been a good idea.
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    I'd have to say that the main reason it doesn't work in black is because of what I said above. If we were able to make use of shadows and cover then black would make a lot more sense.



    What do you think?
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    i agree bob, the cities are always sunny and it wouldnt be right if Altair was in black.
    it would also draw attention to him a lot more quicker if he was in black.
    black is a suspicious colour
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    Assassins did do a lot of night work.

    Targets would wake up in the morning with a knife and a friendly note on the other pillow.
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