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    Originally posted by Styla1981:
    Thanks for the comments!
    This was a quick one only (1min, really), just to show that it can be done.
    Actually I have no special computer skills so dont expect huge things from me.
    Now a little tutorial for all you who either have to much time or really do have some mad skills:
    First download this: TexMod, which is I think the greatest gamer program ever. With this tool, you can practically exxtract every texture for every game (but it doesnt work on all games, even in Assassins Creed it doesnt work 100%).
    How does this work ?
    The program is based on packages, you can either build or use other peoples packages. Packages contain the replaced textures is in most common pictureformats (PNG BMP DDS TGA [HDR] and some other). The only thing is that you have to run it through texmod, so on "older PCs"(like mine), which dont really have the minimum systemrequirements, texmod will so down a bit.
    How do I extract some textures by myself?
    So you start Texmod choose your AC.exe (choose the right DX) and click on logging mode. Change the options to your needs and then click on run. Now comes the annoying part: You have to search the texture you want ingame. Slect the textures by pressing + or -. If you have chosen the right settings, the texture will turn green, extract with ENTER. You can change in options BEFORE starting the game.
    How do I replace the textures by myself?
    After you extracted the textures, You can edit them in any Photopragram you want (if you can open the file format). SAve the texture and then go to package build in texmod. <span class="ev_code_RED"> Choose the log and delete unused ut extracted textures out of the log. Then build the package and play the game through texmod on package mode.</span>

    SOme guys asked for it so here is the black Altair (DX9 ONLY!, really sorry): http://files.filefront.com/assasinst.../fileinfo.html

    I dont think that Im gonna update this again, since I have no Photoshop skills. This version is very beta only and the GPS will change a bit and the dagger will have MIFU on it. Maybe some crashes will occur after 1-2 hours.

    How do I change the name here? Styla is a bad name.And sorry for my english. Please someone do some mods

    Couldnt understand that part. Could you please explain it?
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    Ill do the requests now. A tutorial is on th 2nd page. I use PSCS3 (hail the office of my father)
    And Im a Boy, just that you know.
    Asassins3reed, here its a new tuto,
    For the users not creators
    You have to run AC through texmod. So you start texmod, click on the big folder icon at target application and choose your ACDX9.exe (it dont think that it works in DX10)
    Then click on package mode and choose the little folder icon and browse your .tpf you want to and run the game. YOu can use as many packages as you want, just make sure you dont have a texture twice.
    For those who want to mod
    So you have chosen texmod. Its a program which can extract (not all) textures for (most) games. You can extract textures by clicking on logging mode. Choose options and the AC.exe and run. With + and - you can browse through the loaded textures once the game started. Extract with enter. Then go to your predefined output folder. There are all extracted textures and a .log file
    Now you can edit them.
    Now how you get them into the game again? In texmod, click on package build, choose the .log file and name it whatever you like. An important thing: If you dont want all extracted textures ingame, you have to cut them from the log file or otherwise the texture will mess up, look at my very first file, i didnt edit the hud but still imported so the hud messed up.
    Then start the game in the way I explained it above.
    Just ask questions if anythings unclear.

    Requests: purple/violet with burgundy sash
    "rich" red and blue sash ( I know did a blue template sash for you Altairego
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    (i assume you are referring to the red text)

    1. Click the "Package Build" tab.
    2. Click the small folder beside "Definition File"
    3. Select "TexMod.log"

    the whole delete unused ut thing i didnt get either but it worked fine for me.

    i guess what he meant was, if you want to make another mod i suppose you just have to delete the old entries that were in the log for the first mod before you select the log in the second mod...well it worked for me anyway.

    EDIT: whoops. that was directed two posts above me.
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    evasion438, thank you for explaining it better
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    Thank you both!!

    I will try this.

    And styla1981, how do i cut the ingame textures from the log file

    you have to cut them from the log file or otherwise the texture will mess up, look at my very first file, i didnt edit the hud but still imported so the hud messed up.
    Then start the game in the way I explained it above.
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    You have to delete the line of those textures, you didnt use, or correct the path of the to be used textures but never rename any file

    Bobfish_Almight: here´s your request
    download purplered.tpf:
    Sorry that the the sash doesnt gets burgundy. I tried and Ill try again. Here´s the redblue one:

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    Aaaaaaaaactually, believe it or not, wearing dark colours in hot weather will keep you cooler. If you wear layers. The dark layer on the top absorbs all of the heat and keeps it from reaching your skin
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    altairego's Avatar Senior Member
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    inside my own universe
    I can see it now styla.
    you forgot the 1 at the end of link..
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    evasion438, as I earlier wrote Photoshop CS3 (thanks to my dad)
    altairego, you have to click on browse and which 1 one at which link?
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    How do i edit them??? When i select texmod and select the AssassinsCreed_Dx10.exe and click run. The game starts. Now???

    How do i edit them???

    EDIT : Ok, now, i know what i did wrong

    It doesnt work with DX10.

    EDIT 2: Now altair doesnt wear the clother :P. Maybe i am again doing something wrong

    Here is what i did

    1. Oped texmod
    2. select DX9 ac.exe
    3. Run
    4. Select the desired texture (clothes)
    5. Press enter
    6. Exit game
    7. OPen the texture
    8. Edit using photoshop
    9. Save it (overwrite)
    10 goto package build on Texmod
    11. Select the Texmod (document) file (created automatically)
    12. Build
    13. Run ACDX9.exe in logging mode
    14. And nothing........?????////////

    Why dont you upload a video showing how to do it?!

    EDIT 3: Upload the pics of altair's clothes texture. Before and after editing

    Thanks, just hope no more edits :P
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