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    Didn´t see you post^^ I got saved many textures. Just ask if you need more then the basic Textures.

    Greece is a nice land! Was many times in Greece!
    I life there where the Frankfurter Susage comes from
    Glhwein is something that I don´t like, not my taste
    It´s german but the most german hate Glhwein^^
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    @ Dr Brot; Let's exchange glhwein with retsina then !...Also I had the question what are the German Knights are saying in the game . Can you please translate something of what they are saying?

    New mod FEDAYIN Alqital (The battle)

    Inspired by Dr-Brot's Templar, mod this one is a combination of the FEDAYIN mod with knights armor elements showing an assassin after a hard fight. Features;
    -Altair underneath his Fedayin robe wears a protective iron net (a loot from a dead enemy as looting in battle was and still is- a very common practice ).
    -He has blood stains (from his or his enemies blood) in his right shoulder and chest.
    -He has a couple of nasty cuts/scarfs in his face (his green headband is a bit bloody too) and a couple of sword cuts on the upper left side of his robe, revealing the iron net we wears underneath.
    -His robe (lower part), boots and other parts have a dirt/dust effect.
    -Both his sword and knife have remains of blood on them (both made from the 5th memory block of the game). His sword is the same from Fedayin mod, while the knife's handgrip has a blue-gold rusted colour and some red stones on it. On the blade is written "We won't surrender" in Arabic. The sword holster (probably a loot too) has also a blue-gold rusted colour.
    -Desmond's outfit is a (sarcastic) surprise...

    Download, to see it in full detail;

    This mod is dedicated to Dr Brot for his help and support. If you have any requests or suggestions regarding patterns or colours please let me know.
    Thank you people. Have a nice play!

    PS: The dirt/mud and the blood effects in this mod were made from textures taken from the game Dead Space (except the blood on Altair's shoulder and chest taken from an ingame texture). If you have Dead Space check it out with TexMod, you can find many interesting textures to experiment with.
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    Nice one! I really like it!

    @German Knights
    A bit difficlt because everyone (except of the Templar Knights, thy speak a mix of france or so) in the Game speaks German for me :S
    Are the German Knights in Akkon?! Maybe you can make a screen of them.
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    @ Dr Brot; Thank you again. I am happy that you liked this mod too. I forgot that in Germany the games are fully translated (in the English version the knights are speaking in English, German and French). Anyway I posted those two screenshots from Akra (Akkon in German?) and maybe you can understand which knights I mean (the one is the leader of the patrol and the other is the one who is sends you away when you are staring at a helpless citizen). Thanks
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    Lol, ok I ever thought this guy would talk only french xD
    But as you sy it I I recognize that they´re talking German too
    I don´t know if thats the normal sentence that the Knights also say in Engliglish or not...
    It´s a VERY bad german they are talking. I tried to translate some sentence.
    If you here this sentence also in English, they can´t be the German Knights...

    "You fools are all dieing!"
    "Get out of my way!"
    "Stay here!"
    "That is not smart!"
    "That you will get back!"
    "Get ready to die!"
    "You venture it..."
    "Now we are taking over the command!"
    "God! God! Don´t make me laughing!"
    "You don´t get away with this!"
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    Thing I don't get about Altair's clothin in the game is that his weapons are exposed, which in those times was a common thing, but when he's trying to blend in, especially with a group of monks, it's kind of hard to believe that the city guards would not immediately suspect him of being an assassin.

    The next AC, they need to add something to go over everything to cover up his weapons to make it more believable. He can easily throw it off when engaging in a fight or when he has to flee, and can easily go buy a new one at a shop or go steal one, or go back to the Assassin's hideout and get a new one.

    Then they can even throw in the animations into the gameplay of a guard trying to grab him only to get ahold of the robe as Altair slips away and darts to the nearest escape route. Or Altair could use it to temporarily blind the guard to give him the couple seconds to get out of the line of sight. It would even add a new twist to the beggars, coming up begging for change while tugging at Altair's robe as he struggles to keep his cover from being blown as as city guard is walking past eye ballin the situation.
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    @Dr Brot. I think that they say those sentences in french, english and german. I am not sure about the french, but I guess that the meaning is the same and only the language changes...
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    is this not the first target in jerusalem, i swear that's altair up in the rafters, not saying that is just a normal screenshot but they look a lot like the slave traders body gaurds
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    I have a question regarding the Prince of Persia outfit

    I heard the PC version of the PoP will have the same .forge files as AC. Wouldn't it be possible to extract the textures from the Prince's costume and then put them in AC ?
    Just an idea
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    not unless they use the same modles and vectors but they wont as the jacket and everything is part of the AC modle so chances are the textures would mess up.
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