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    Thank you for the tip Dr Brot. As I understand you can extract the "Normal map" (I know what texture you mean) and with that NVIDIA program and Photoshop you can change it and put it back in the game. I visited the site that you mentioned. I don't have Photoshop at the time (made everything with GIMP as I ve wrote), but I am going to get it and try what you suggest, It seems really very interesting if I can make it to work.
    Since you liked the FEDAYIN -2 mod, here it is one FEDAYIN -2 Tribute to Dr Brot -mod with a gold and red stones knife handle (for memory block 5, with pattern taken out from a real Islamic dagger) and which will be even better with the program you suggested. Hope you like it.

    KerovinBlack request.
    Here is a mod like FEDAYIN but with the original face as you ve asked.

    For the JIHAD mode I think that it looks better in game with the dark yellow sash since the inside of the robe has a mustard color too, but if you prefer to play with a red sash let me know and I ll upload a mod for you.
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    OMG u guys r NUTS! .
    especialy "syrbanana", u r a GOD with a computer! . these r AWESOME!

    u should be like a game designer or something because i mean these r realy REALLY good!

    Or have i got it all wrong and it is actualy realy easy to do this stuff! i play AC on x-box 360 so i havent seen what u can do on the computer. lol
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    If you don´t have Photoshop just download the 30 Days Trial. The normal map is made in 20 minutes...
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    -Dr Brot I ve downloaded the Nvidia program and I am going to install Photoshop too.I ll check it out during the weekend . I have to see it in practice in order to understand how it works. If you have made something with that program upload it so I can have a look at it.
    -Thanks for the support Drax117. Pity that you can't play with mods in Xbox 360. In fact all you need to make them is some imagination, editing programs (like Photoshop, Gimp, etc), some tips from Dr Brot (hehe) and you can make more or less what you have in mind.
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    I´ve made a sample for a normal using the robeskin of my Templar Mod.

    As you can see the crosses and the belts seems to be higher then the other things, it´s like simulated 3D. I found a english Tutorial for using the nVidia Tool. My english is too bad as I could explain this :-/


    It´s a bit strange explained but you will understand the basic things. Things like bluring you don´t have to do, to make a basic normal map...
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    Hey, has anyone been able to figure out anything else besides the textures? I love that we can start to edit an Ubisoft game. Now only if I could add stuff to Chaos Theory...
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    Hey Any Of You have a saved folder with all of altairs clothing images for editing? I'm great with photoshop but i'm having a hard time using the program to get the images needed to edit and package uniforms If any of you have the set of images required to do this can you please Zip the and upload them or e-mail the to me at

    Thank you in advance
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    OK. Matrix EBDA I ll send you later today the texts from Altair's clothes which I use. But if you could figure out how to extract them yourself you could find many interesting textures in this and other games to experiment with.
    Dr Brot your English are pretty good. (By the way, are you from Germany?)
    It is not you, but the program that I can't understand. What I was thinking of doing is to change the map of Altair's clothes, remove the wrinkles from his sleeves and make his arms look like they are bare and he doesn't wearing sleeves at all. Do you think that something like this is possible to be done with the program?
    Meanwhile I am working a new mod based on Fedayin. Hope to finish it pretty soon...
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    Thanks! It were nice if my teacher would think so^^
    and yes I´m from Germany...

    Here some Important things:
    With the fields "Scale" you chose "hight of the hights"
    By "Filter Type" you can choose options like 3x3 oder 9x9 this means how smooth oder sharp the Map will be. The problem is that you can´t make all the thing high or low that you want. you have to use Multiple Layers to do this. To modify the Texture as you want you can Invert some axis or just convert one Color to a hight (Red, Green, Blue). You can chosse this by "Alternate Conversions".
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    Thank you for the tips Dr Brot. You make it look easy!lol
    I ll give it a try when I finish the current mod. Nice talking to a European.
    I am from Greece. I visited Germany last X-mas. I was staying in Rosenheim and visited Munich and Obersalzberg. I like it a lot (particularly the stands with the meat and gluhwein hehe!)

    Matrix EBDA I couldn't attach this to an e-mail so I uploaded here;
    It contains zipped textures (clothes, leather parts, face, sword & knife) of Altair from the 5th memory block of the game. Have a nice modding!
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