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    Actually there are a few flaws I am experiencing.

    I can get altairs face to change perfectly everytime.

    However I am still having problems with his robes / finger textures

    they are both not changing, I have written the correct lines of text in the log's, and the folder does contain both files of each ( the textured one and the weird purple one )

    any hints?
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    Maybe you used the Adress for the Textures of teh 7th Chapter and played testesd in Chapter 5 or so? The Adress for Chapter 7 is an other than for other Chapters!
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    No idea what that means mate, I have a vague idea but no clue how to check what chapter its saved under, maybe you can?

    "0xDECC545C|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0xDE CC545C.bmp
    0xBA84CDEF|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0xBA 84CDEF.bmp
    0xDAB4F9EF|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0xDA B4F9EF.bmp
    0x15C89F9B|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0x15 C89F9B.bmp
    0x45456C20|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0x45 456C20.bmp
    0x815C2E68|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0x81 5C2E68.bmp
    0xA1E04967|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0xA1 E04967.bmp
    0x3EECBB0A|C:\Users\Mrs Buckley\Desktop\assets\ASSASSINSCREED_DX9.EXE_0x3E ECBB0A.bmp"
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    JonnyBush do as folowing and let me know where the problem is:
    Start the game via textmode in logging mode and with the option "Replace Texture (with a green texture)" checked. Load your saved game (e.g block 5) Then extract the textures that you want (you ll be certain that the texture is the correct one because when you ll select it it will be colored green in the game). Then you can edit them and then when you ll be back in the game (again in the same saved game e.g. block 5) you ll must see the changes that you ve made.Let me know of what you did.
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    hello there...im on the ENdwar forum but i paly assassins creed everytime i go into the kingdom the ground rises and i cant see anything like the ground is strecthing in front of me

    i cant see a thing and i have to walk through it can i have some help please
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    New mod JIHAD

    Hi people . This is a new mod for Altair in Assassins Creed with many, completely new features;
    -Altair's hood is painted with a pattern of an Islamic scarf. Now it gives the impression that he is wearing a keffiyah (Islamic scarf) rather than a hood.
    -He has a mustache and some scars in his face (two big and one smaller) from his swordfights (since being an Assassin is a tough job...) and a green (the colour of the Islam) headband writing in Arabic "No other God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet". A quite common saying among muslims.
    -He is wearing a black vest which has a "needlework" in the back with some lines from the Koran (something about Allah).
    - A dark yellow sash.
    - A light brown skirt with a "dirt" effect.
    -Grey sleeves and pants, but with a canvas like fabric look and also a "dirt" effect.
    -Wear off (with light brown) leather parts.
    -Features from FEDAYIN mod (look my previous post); Allah al akbar (Allah is great) is written in Arabic on his knife and a (random) line from the Koran is written on his sword. (The knife and the sword are modded for the 5th Memory block of the game).
    -Desmond is now an "Easy Rider", wearing a Harley-Davidson hoodie.

    With this mod Altair has again an "authentic" look of a low profile, tough and fanatic assassin who is wandering around the cities (wearing clothes which are in harmony with the environment), mixing with the people and waiting for the right time (and with the help of Allah) to strike!

    Check out the screenshots;

    Download JIHAD mod;

    Mod FEDAYIN 2

    For those who want to play with an even "darker" character this mod is like the FEDAYIN mod (look my previous post), but with a higher face mask, leaving only Altair's eyes visible and a green headband writing in Arabic "No other God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" like in JIHAD mod.


    Download FEDAYIN 2 mod

    I hope that you'll have fun playing with those mods. Happy gaming people! Thank you!

    PS; Scorch621, perhaps the game that you have is problematic and has a bug. There is a patch available for the game which you can download. If this doesn't fix the problem you'll probably need to install an other version of the game (buy it or download it).
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    those are pretty sweet, syrbanana
    nice work!
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    Originally posted by ScytheOfGrim:
    Ooh... are these the first sightings of mods for the game?

    I like it, it's well done.
    But why is the sash black too?
    That should've been red, like the original, it would look better.

    Where's Kax to bash the person that's going to call Alty a ninja? xD
    Yeah I agree on that too it would look cool with the red
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    Originally posted by syrbanana:
    New mod FEDAYIN.

    Thank you once again DrBrot for the help . For some reason the texture I found had a different number, but the photo you've posted was very helpful.

    So this is a new mode, called FEDAYIN. I ve worked it a lot and I like it the most (credits go too to all the forum members and especially DrBrot for the support).
    It is based in Mod1 (read description above) but in this one, Altair's clothes are decorated with a sign and some (random) lines from the Koran. He also wears a green (the color of the Islam) headband with Allah al akbar (Allah is great) written in Arabic on it. The same is written on his knife and a (random) line from the Koran is written on his sword. (The knife and the sword are modded for the 5th Memory block of the game).
    This mod gives Altair an "authentic" look of a dedicated and fanatic Fedayin (this is how the assassins were calling themselves).
    Also now Desmond is a Motorhead banger (his favorite track must be Overkill...hehe!).
    Check out the screenshots;

    And download the FEDAYIN mod if you like;

    Please post any comments/remarks/ideas you may have.
    Enjoy! Thank you
    Like the black though I prefer his original face
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    Nice one
    FEDAYIN 2 is good. But the JIHAD Mod is not so mine...

    A little hint for you:
    You can also extract the "Normal Map" of Altair. It´s a blue/purple texture that is similar to the real Texture. This texture says where are higths an where not. This is a trick to make a flat Texture seems to be 3D. If you changed the Texture of the clothes or so, you see a ohter Textures but the Normal Map is the same as before. so, if you chang Altairs face an paint him a shawl in the face you see still teh mouth, caus the Normal Map says there is hight. teh good thing is that you can make your own Normal Map, But you need Phtoshop for this. It´s a plugin from nVidia for CS2 or higher. You can Download it here: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/p...s_plugins.html

    This plugin transforms your "Specular Map" (The name of the texture you see in the Game) in to a Normal Map! It takes some time but there are some Tutorials for this, just search for "Nvidia Plugin Tutorial" or so.

    So you can edit a bit the shape of Altair like his face or even the crinkles of his robe.
    My english is not the best but I hope you understand what I mean
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