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    Some recent photographs of the Antonov An-2 and Mig-21. They've been moved from their previous positions and the owner of the castle grounds now seems to want to "treat them better" since he has had them cleaned up and positioned in more interesting stances.

    As usual if you want the original shots (3008 x 2000), let me know.

    The castle where the eccentric millionaire lives. He collects relics from the Communist times. He's even got a statue of Lenin in his internal castle garden (off limits to the public).

    The Mig-21, a former East German Luftwaffe plane. I've photographed some of the areas in details. If anyone can read Russian they might find the inscriptions interesting.

    The Antonov An-2

    Frankie hiding from the sun under the Antonov...

    Hope you liked the pics!
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    They're great. Thanks for posting.
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    Planes and a dog, a winning combination
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    The MiG-21 is a PFM - I'm just not sure if it's a "plain vanilla" PFM or if it's a PFM-SPS (SPS is for Boundary Layer Control in Russian, BLC in English).

    LV/LSK had both versions of PFMs.
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    according to the DHS books, the kind of canopy and the shown gundpod its a MiG-21 SPS-K (Type 94K) as it was called in the GDR.
    So this plane had a BLC.
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    Die Beschaffung wird 1966 mit der MiG-21PFM fortgesetzt. 134 der als SPS / SPS-K bezeichneten Maschinen erhalten die LSK/LV bis zum Juni 1968, wodurch diese Variante zum zahlenmäßig am stärksten vertretenen Kampfflugzeugtyp in ihrem Inventar wird.
    Got that from MiG-21.de
    Looks like all PFMs were "SPS".

    Thanks Franky
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    Those poor, poor planes
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    Christian, thanks very much for this - I really enjoy your posts!
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    Excellent photos... and I see your dog is doing quite well. What is his name again?

    Was the owner of these aircraft... a pilot?
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    Thanks for sharing. MiG-21 is one of my fav cold war fighters, especially in the marques with back cut down after cockpit. There is something sexy in it, just like the Lightning or the Super Sabre.
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