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    Hi everyone!

    Since Xmas draws near we felt that we should give you a little something Red Steel 2 related, and just realized we haven't made some fan kit assets yet!

    So there you go, as a starter. You will find below some links to forum signatures, avatars and wallpapers.

    We hope you'll enjoy them and use them accross the web!

    On behalf of the team, let me wish a Merry Xmas to all Red Steel 2 fans!


    Forums Signatures



    PS: don't forget to read our last Q&A!
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    Thanks for the gifts Wuzzi. Happy Holidays!!
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    Awesome stuff, thanks! I Hope the RS2 team get some time off for the Holidays so they can get to work on finalizing the game at the start of the new year! :P

    I can't take not being able to play Steel 2 any longer and seeing the badass artwork in really HQ form isn't helping the wait! XD
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    this is great, i really appreciate it this
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    Wow! I hope more artwork appears soon. Thanks Ubi
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    Nice, ty !
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