Months ago (in March actually) I won a Red Steel 2 poster from the facebook red steel 2 fan page ( ) but alas that poster never arrived. I've tried to contact Jason VandenBerghe (the person I'm pretty sure who ran the poster comps) on numerous different occasions to ask why even after all these months I still didn't recieve the poster.

Something fishy is that in videos posted on youtube months back it was advertised that three different posters were being given away on facebook but only 2 poster competitions were actually held.

I know it's 'just' a poster but I really wanted it & I'm pretty disheartened that Jason wouldn't even reply once to any of the emails I sent him, not even to confirm that he actually got my message.

So I ask if there is any admin or even if Jason is out there reading this please get in touch w/ me - thanks.