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    Does anyone know if it is possible to support the 1280x1024 native resolution?

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    In the [window] section of conf.ini make sure these settings are... er... set (assuming that your TFT is 1280x1024 resolution which the majority are).



    Close and save changes and there you go!

    When the game launches you will have slight black banding top and bottom (like widescreen) but when you are actually in the game it will be fullscreen 1280x1024.
    The chatbox window will also be down 1 line and you can't move it up! Not really a problem.

    If you launch the FB+AEP+PF+setup the resolution will revert to 640x480 16bit colour, same if you go to graphics settings in the game. The conf.ini will also revert. You'll have to change it again if this happens. If you are happy with your settings in conf.ini and you don't think you will be changing things you can set the file to 'read only' and it will not change...

    Hope this helps...
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    That's wonderful. Than you for the well constructed response! Too bad it is not an available option in the settings as so many flat panels support 1280x1024 now.

    Have a great day!
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    I'll have to try that. I went to the config.ini and did change the resolution to 1280 x 1024 and saved it, but the game wouldn't load. No splash screens, no opening menu. I thought it was because I was using a resolution the game doesn't recognize, but you CAN use 1280 x 1024 ?
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    Make sure SaveAspect=0 is set... also, if you're trying to run at a native LCD resolution, set ChangeScreenRes=0 as well. This will prevent the game from tying to switch to different resolutions to display the splash screens etc.

    I'm running fine at 1920x1200... I just get a smaller FoV =P
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    Wow...thanks guys! I didn't know I was not running at my system's optimum res, but after reading this thread I went in and set it to 1440X900 and made the adjustments to the saveaspect and changescreenres as outlined. Whoa, the game looked great before, now it is unreal. My work just got me the fastest Dell Laptop available with the 17in screen, best vid card, screen etc.. The machine is great for boring work presentations, but even better for PF.
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    You should see it on a 24" widescreen at 1920x1200 with Track IR and everything turned on <evil grin>... The game continually surprises me with how well the graphics have scaled onto new hardware. Heh it's a two year old game that STILL taxes my PC...
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    I too just got a really fast Dell laptop, I did not like the way the widescreen stretched the image after playin on a square monitor for so long. Will resetting to old crows settings make th e image less stretched? How about the frame rate hit higher resolutions cause?
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    The point is to set PF to whatever the native resolution of your display is. This will prevent the image from being streched.

    PF has an issue with this in that the field of view is measured horizontally instead of vertically. Because of this, you actually see less of a field of view on a Widescreen monitor than you do on a 4:3 monitor. This doesn't bother me much because the higher resolutions allow me to play zoomed all the way out, but it is an issue.

    The image however, should *not* be streched (ie objects shouldn't be a different shape). I'm guessing that whatever resolution you set to is a 4:3 resolution and you have a 16:9 or 16:10 monitor. The monitor will attempt to resize this image to fit (this is generally an OSD option on the monitor, not sure on a laptop), and thus change the shape of on screen objects.

    Try finding out what your native panel resolution is (right click on the desktop, select properties, click on the setting tab, grab the screen area slider and move it all the way to the right... on an LCD the highest supported setting will be the native panel resolution) and setting PF to run at that.

    As for performance... yes, there are frame rate hits associated with higher resolutions... I've spent a lot of money getting to the point where I can play PF (and lots of other games) at 1920x1200... on the other hand, I'm single, gainfully employed, and my car's paid off... Everyone's got to have a hobby =P

    I've got:

    AMD-64 3500+
    MSI K8N Neo4 Platium SLI
    2gb Corsair PC3200 DDR2
    2x Leadtek 7800gtx 256mb SLIed
    SB Audigy 4
    In a nice monolithic black solid aluminum Lian Li case with a 550watt PS~

    Dell 2405FPW
    CH Flightstick Pro USB
    CH Pro Throttle USB
    CH Pro Pedals USB
    Track IR 4
    Logitech Momo Wheel
    Logitech G5 mouse
    Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

    I could spend a lot more money... and probably will get a faster processeor in the next few months... I bought socket 939 on purpose...

    Like I said... a man has to have a hobby
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    1280x768 here, excellent wide view to see all gauges and scan horizon.
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