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    ~Part 1 Meet Irony ~

    Sometimes, the chances in life are ever in your favour.
    It’s undeniably rare that this ever happens. Imagine a life of oblivious perfection, predictable every day of the week. You’re famous and looked up to. You’re rich and you’re talented, and you’re ridiculously good looking. And most of all, you’ve got not a care in the world, soaking in a vat of idle bliss. It’s truly the good life, even at the cost of being an outsider.
    But really, who cares? You’ve got a perfect present, and of course you have a predictably fortunate future ahead of you.
    In theory.
    But when you least expect it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you get hit by a passing tidal wave. And that’s when your life gets changed forever, whether for the better or for the worst. You can’t help but feel pity for those who get changed for the worse, and it’s the unfortunate change that happens most of the time to the ‘perfect’.
    And why exactly is there the need for such a challenging wave of destruction?
    It’s because there is no such thing as a perfect life. There can never be. If you honestly believe the chances of life are ever in your favour, you’re delusional. Sooner or later, you must be prepared for the sharp blow of the passing semi rolling drunkenly down the road of blind perfection. And when it comes, it's almost too ironic.
    And yet the river of life rolls on, utterly oblivious to out petty problems.
    Not fair? Well, I’ve got news for you: Life’s not fair.
    Some of you must be staring in horror, planning in your head how exactly to prepare for the life changing tsunami. Well, there’s no actual way you can prepare, because you can’t. It just happens. And my goal has never been to scare you. I am just stating facts before I tell you a story, quite a curious tale about one certain ‘perfect’ lad (notice the sarcastic quotation marks).
    Being the narrator, of course, allow me to first introduce myself to you.
    I am Irony. I think you might be familiar with me. Why, hello there again, ever so pleasant to meet you (except not really). And just a heads up; I am not all fun and humour. As you should very well know know, I have my serious side, as you have just seen, I think – or at least that’s what I’ve aimed for.
    The story that lies ahead is my kind of story: Chock-full of ironic events that describe the set up of certain someone’s fall from perfection.
    His name is Jace Fox.
    And how exactly did he lock eyes with the drunk driver of the passing semi? Well, unlike most stories, the official wave began with a famous casting director. It all started with him. He was not, however, the precise reason that began his stumble, began his dramatic fall. Oh no.
    Like most stories, his fall from grace began with a girl...

    ~Prologue Part 2 Madness or fate?~

    This particular Tuesday on the shores of Emerald Island was not an amiable one, or at least where the somber state of the weather was concerned. Any rare patch of azure that stitched the sky was quickly vomited over with the sickly grey substance of overcast clouds. The unseeable sun had failed to warm the goose bumps that rose on the skin of hundreds of citizens – a rare occurrence in the typically bright spring days of Emerald. Most atrocious of all, not any of the residents could move even an inch away from the dry shelter of their homes without getting spit on by the thousands of angry angels flinging saliva from the Heavens.
    The majority of the island had huddled underneath the safe, rain proof roofs of their homes, probably attempting to warm themselves in front of an open fire. What a poor excuse to basking in the full heat of the sun. Some families were even roasting chestnuts. It’s like Christmas all over again.
    What a perfect day.
    Of course, the word ‘perfect’ is such an overrated statement in itself. It’s almost ironic how often people use a word ever so impossible to achieve, saying it as casually and deliciously as savouring a piece of chocolate. It’s pathetic, really – but that’s just my opinion.
    And then, there was Jace, the utter face of perfection to the ignorant eyes of hundreds of adoring fans all over Emerald Island. Everything he did in public held a ‘true aura of coolness’, to quote a particularly melodramatic fan mail addressed to Mr. Fox. (I, personally, thought that everything he did exuded the true aura of arrogance). Rest assured, roasting chestnuts over an open fire was one of the last things Jace would dare to do, especially when everyone was watching him, even in the most secluded, unexpected areas. Eyes and ears were everywhere. It has become something ‘poor’ Jace had been forced to deal with, and at this point he was even used to acting unnaturally casual and charming at all times. It’s a small price to pay for perfection.
    Oh, that word again. I don’t think I’ve ever used such an unnecessary word so many times in my entire life – a life that dates back to the birth of the first humans. Even babies can be ironic – but that’s totally not the point.
    As expected, Jace was warm and dry inside his manor of a home, accompanied by his two best – and only – friends, Kylie and Will. While he spent his time pacing back and forth in the living room, occasionally muttering some cryptic words, Will and Kylie were slouched side by side on the ivory sofa, watching morning cartoons.
    Kylie sighed, fingering a strand of her wavy blonde locks. “Jace, relax, will you? So what if your expensive theatre lessons are cancelled, for one day. It’s pouring cats and dogs out there. My art lessons are cancelled too, and I can honestly say that I am relieved.” A carefree smile reached her mouth.
    Will pursed his lips. “Jace, I am sorry to say this, but Ky’s right.” He shrugged apologetically, flicking his sea green eyes to his best friend in concern. Gingerly, he ran a delicate hand over his sandy brown hair, shifting just a little closer to Kylie. “My culinary classes are cancelled, too, but that doesn’t make my lasagne and pizza any less fantastic,” he assured, in all modesty. “And neither will your acting.”
    The deep set scowl already plastered on Jace’s face trembled. “You’re missing the point,” he argued loudly, throwing his arms up in the air in desperate exasperation. “Today we were supposed to embed love into our acting. How in the world am I going to act out romantic scenes without such a vital piece? And what if it rains like this all week, while say; Soul Minuet comes in town promoting auditions for a new romantic comedy? Without the ability to manipulate the emotion of love, how am I supposed to audition then?” A long note of hysteria had tinged his voice considerably.
    I know something none of you know. When you find out what it is later, you’ll see why I find this little tantrum so ironic.
    “SHH!” Kylie hushed loudly, widening her deep blue eyes and wildly pointing up to the ceiling, to the walls, even to the floor, then getting up from the coach and rushing to Jace’s side, clamping down his mouth hard with her own aloe scented hands. “Eyes, ears, everywhere,” she hissed urgently.
    Glaring, Jace spat into her palm, forcing her to release her hand. She immediately wiped the saliva on her dark skinny jeans, contorting her pretty features in disgust.
    “What is your problem? It’s not like I said anything bad,” Jace cried incredulously, clutching his forehead in exasperation. Kylie sighed, glancing at Will, who was shaking his head in disapproval.
    “What are you trying to do,” Will questioned bluntly, “Convince the media you finally lost it? By the way you shouted, it sounds a whole lot like you’ve been driven insane.” He swept the room with his calm, green eyes, in his paranoid, yet sadly ineffective way of searching for bugs.
    “I-I am not crazy,” Jace stuttered, his jaw clenched. “That’s ridiculous. How could they guess something like that?”
    “Worse that crazy - overrated drama queen,” Kylie sated matter-of-factly, throwing herself back into the cream coloured coach, grinning maniacally. Jace’s jaw dropped, and then both Kylie and Will couldn’t stifle a giggle.
    “It’s the media, Jace,” Will explained with a small smile, crossing his arms together. “They believe that going shopping is an excuse to meet up with a secret and forbidden lover.” Seeing his face pale, he quickly added, “Not that anybody with genuine intelligence would ever believe that, but its true what the paparazzi assume, nether less.”
    Jace sighed, staring wistfully out the rain stained window that occupied the edge of the living room. The sky was still grey, romance classes were still cancelled, and the angels were still spitting like mad.
    Exactly at that moment Jace was tugged on by an invisible pull, a force nobody could really recognize. Perhaps it was fate, or maybe Will was right and he really had gone mad. But whatever it was, it sure did pull him from basic logic – and later would inevitably lead into something impossibly tragic and emotionally wonderful. You see, it led onto the road where the semi was parked, just waiting for him to collapse.
    But that was for later.
    “I’m going to take a stroll.”
    The ocean waters must be out of balance. I can positively hear the ripples of a tsunami. Perhaps they were somewhere nearby.
    “What?” A voice automatically cried. Will. “Are you crazy? The world must be tilting. Nothing is going to stop the media from assuming your state of mental health now. I can just imagine the headlines by tomorrow morning. ‘Overrated Diva Gone Mad’”
    “It’s only a walk around the city. And the paparazzi wouldn’t dare to stalk me in the rain. What’s so insane about that?” Jace only barely contained his annoyance.
    “What’s so insane about that?” Kylie echoed incredulously. “It’s raining. It’s raining heavier than it ever has for years, for God’s sake! Can’t you hear the thunder? There’s no way you can act if your limbs become paralyzed from lightning! Really, Jace, you make me sick.”
    Jace frowned. “I don’t hear thunder. And it’s not like you’d grieve my death,” This statement rendered them both silent, their eyes wide in shock. “I am going for a short stroll, to take a breath of spring air. I’ll be back soon.” His voice attempted cheeriness. Never did being cheery sound so morbid.
    “How could you ever say-,” Kylie began, but was quietly cut off by Jace. “Please. No. Don’t even begin. Now please don’t make a mess while I’m gone.” Will and Kylie very well recognized the scarcely disguised ‘leave me alone or I’ll kill you’ tone in his voice.
    Sometimes polite quiet was much more effective than rude loudness.
    “I’ll be back soon,” Jace repeated firmly. He stepped outside, umbrella in hand, and he entered a damp world devoid of all colour and warmth. Devoid of all colours – but just brimming with an opportunity, the very ripples that arouse the wave -
    -And me.

    ~Prologue Part 3 Opportunity~

    Jace walked slowly, careful to avoid the numerous swirling puddles that flooded parts of the sidewalks, listening to the careful plops of the crystal raindrops as they dived into the shallow pools of icy rainwater. There was not a single soul in sight as he crossed the art district. Before the rain, the artistic neighbourhood was always filled with the carefree sound of laughter and brushes stroking canvas, and was absolutely alive with vivid colours everywhere you looked. Now, the only thing that met his ears was the soft patter of rainfall, and the only colours that met his eyes were dull blacks, greys, and whites. It was a somber sight.
    A web of thoughts ate at his mind, consuming him as he stepped across the artfully designed, paint splattered sidewalk, passing willow trees with low hanging branches and apple trees whose arms stood straight up at the sides of their trunks. The jumbled thoughts running through his mind consisted of two categories; memories from the past and thoughts that questioned the future.
    Why is it that nobody takes the time to acknowledge the present? Memories were useless, completely irreversible, and they don’t affect anything but the mind they are contained in – and never in a good way. Thoughts of the future don’t sway the path of the world in any way, and it is impossible to see what lies in front of the present, for the future is capricious and thoroughly inevitable. The present, however, is utterly changeable, entirely based on actions. And yet, you prefer to dream about the past and the future – two things we could never change on will alone.
    The rain had brought a volley of memories to surface in his mind. Such unnecessary memories they were – some of his darkest nightmares. Images flashed by his eyes like a projector to a screen – blinding lightning tearing through the sky, rain pounding heavily onto the ground. Roaring, consuming flames grew. Pain filled shrieks flooded the ambience, and the world blurred behind a wall of tears. The nauseating stench of burning flesh and smoke had lifted into his nostrils. He remembered the terrible heat, and the unbearable, unbearable light.
    Jace walked faster, as if his steps could somehow outrun the memories. Such useless, atrocious memories they were. The unwelcome scraps left standing after that destructive fire. He took deep breaths, to help keep calm and to carry on, like he tried to do all those years ago. But unanswered questions still hung lifelessly in his mind – questions he repeated to himself every time it rained.
    Why? He asked himself desperately, shamefully. Why didn’t you go back into the flames? Why didn’t you rescue Alex? Why didn’t you save mom and dad? You could have saved them. You should have saved them.
    You could have been stronger.

    The train of thoughts stopped there, like they always have. Jace took a large gulp of the damp spring air, clenching and unclenching his fists, stopping there on the sidewalk and closing his hazel eyes. “You should have been stronger,” he whispered to himself, his head hung low as he began to walk again across the puddle stained side walk. One more image ran through his mind as he carried on.
    A clean white room formed in his mind, without windows, empty except for a neatly laid out bed. Much too empty.
    Jace caught his breath, forcing himself to stop thinking for a while, so he didn’t have to relive a whole other horror film of memories. He just walked on, his haunted hazel eyes staring straight ahead. Ignorance is bliss.
    The face of perfection wasn’t so perfect after all.
    He crossed the road that acted as the barrier between the art district and the theatre district. He wondered as he walked, when he allowed himself to think again.
    What would happen, he thought sullenly, if I lost Kylie and Will? Whenever Jace received dreams about losing them, he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Never has he told anybody about this, not even Will and Kylie. He detested thinking about the consequences – they were the only connections he ever had left, the only people he’s ever allowed inside the fine barrier he has built around himself over the traumatic years. He could never imagine allowing anyone else inside. And even so, Will and Kylie were just barely there, touching the walls. Jace much preferred keeping everyone at arm’s length
    If I lost them, he thought, tilting his chin toward the overcast sky, I would be stronger. I never intend on being reeled into that empty room, ever again. Never. He was sure of it.
    Jace stopped at the city theatre, the place he called his second home. There was a strange shape near him, shattering Jace’s morbid train of thoughts, and causing him to approach the unfamiliar object in curiosity. As he neared, he realized it was a damp umbrella – and holding the umbrella, the dark silhouette of a person.
    His gold flecked eyes widened in surprise. What would another person be doing here, in the spitting rain? They must be thinking the same thing about me, he realized suddenly, scowling, wiping away any expression that would suggest vulnerability. He approached slowly, clutching his own umbrella tighter as he neared, near enough to see the stranger’s hands moving swiftly on the door. Jace raised an eyebrow.
    Of all things, he was posting flyers. Audition flyers.
    He made a sound of suffocated surprise, causing the stranger to pivot his hat covered head toward him, causing Jace to gasp. He wore soft features, laugh lines wrinkled at the corners of his mouth, but he had startling, sharp silver eyes that belonged to someone wise and clever. They were startlingly familiar eyes.
    Jace widened his own hazel eyes even more, his jaw dropping in amazement. “Minuet!” Jace cried, which made the famous director chuckle, a smile stretched on his mouth. “Soul Minuet,” Jace murmured softly. “Oh God, it’s you!”
    Soul’s grin grew larger. “Yes, indeed it’s me,” He replied, amused. He studied Jace carefully. “And you must be young Jace Fox, the said Broadway star of this city. I’ve heard of you.” He was still smiling, glancing at the once colourful, but now rain faded, stack of flyers he carried in one hand.
    Jace nodded quickly, in a daze. “Yes, yes I am,” he said, disbelieving. “You – you’re my role model, the greatest theatre director in all the islands” he stuttered, too stunned to act classy. “What are you doing here?”
    His silver eyes sparkled. “I’m promoting auditions for the new romantic comedy I’ve been working on. It’s called, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. It’s about dramatic love triangle, very dramatic yet also very light and humorous. It’s utterly perfect for someone as talented as you are,” He stretched his smile so wide Jace almost wondered if it was going to fall off.
    Now you must see why I found his fit so utterly ironic.
    Jace was sure shocked, becoming mute. His brain commanded his mouth to speak, and yet no words came. “I’ve been hosting auditions all over the islands, and I would most love it if you auditioned. Truly, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for you. You would become almost absurdly famous. Ever been to North America?” He continued, quickly handing Jace a flyer. He took it gingerly, staring at the advertisement in silent shock. It was good shock, but still shock nether less. North America – it was a place of dreams for any actor living in the islands. “Auditions are next week in this very theatre. Hopefully the rain clears up by then,” his smile faltered suddenly, and his expression looked almost wistful. “I do hope you could make it.”
    “You bet on it!” Jace exclaimed. And then he blushed, correcting himself when Soul raised an eyebrow. “Err, I mean, yes, of course. It was such a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
    Soul blinked. “Right back at you.” He checked his golden wrist watch, which was strapped to the wrist that clutched his umbrella. “Oh look at the time. I must be off, posting audition flyers and such.” He flashed a warm smile at Jace. “Good day to you.”
    Jace stood there, staring, as he ever so swiftly walked away. The shock truly had changed the way he usually acted considerably. When he was out of earshot, he finally whispered in response. “I can’t act romance.” And then, he dropped to his knees.
    A romantic comedy. He was going to audition for a romantic comedy.
    “No, no, no, not a romance,” Jace repeated wistfully to himself, burying his face in his hands. “What am I going to do, oh what am I going to do,” He didn’t care anymore if anyone saw him, or heard him talking to himself like a madman. But then again, he didn’t expect anyone else to pass by, either. “I am so doomed.”
    Poor Jace. I couldn’t help but agree.

    ~Prologue Part 4 Love or No Love?~

    You can’t learn how to feign love in a week. Whatever any insane theatre director, no matter how popular he or she may be, may say, it’s just not possible. In fact, it’s not possible to feign love, period. That is, unless, you had some genuine experience with such an ironic emotion - under such circumstances, then, it’s probably possible. Matter of fact, it would not only be possible – it would be easy.
    Jace Fox had no such experience.
    Not only has he never fallen in love, he’s never been infatuated – he’s never even had a crush. Nobody, not even his two only friends, knows this rather embarrassing secret.
    It’s hilarious, isn’t it?
    Of course, why else would Jace have never auditioned for a romantic musical before? This ridiculous musical Minuet is directing is the one and only exception, ever. Soul Minuet agrees with me, too, about the feigning love impossibility. Jace truly doesn’t stand a chance.
    Well. Isn’t that just ironic? He wouldn’t have been able to act out a decent audition if it hadn’t rained all week, either. And all this time he’s been blaming the weather. Really, he should have been blaming himself for working too hard as to not notice any of the girls who transparently admire him. By all means, he should be blaming me. Somehow, everyone makes the mistake of never blaming Irony. That’s just terrific.
    Quite frankly, the path Jace is walking through is utterly new to him, completely uncharted. Because of this, he’s nervous - Jace, of all people, anxious for an audition. Believe it or not, that goes right in between rare and nonexistent. This really will be interesting.

    “Jace, honestly, listen to me. It’s not the weather’s fault,” Will insisted, for the fifth time that morning. It was the fateful day of the Soul Minuet auditions, and Jace had his face raised to the aheavens, shouting with his fists in the air about last week’s rain. Like the madman he is.
    After what seemed like an eternity, the sky had finally stopped spitting, but the sun still hasn’t broken through the thick, rolling clouds slathered across the sky. They appeared to be taunting him - in Jace’s mind, at least. The morning was now even bright enough to see colours again – they were dull colours, true, but at least they ranged further than grey now. The grass, for instance, was a dark, mossy green again, and the art district where he stood now was even a kaleidoscope of painted colours again. Not vivid colours, but dim, pastel shades – yet even so, it was still the most colourful district in Emerald that day.
    “Stop taunting me!” He spat to the rolling clouds above, clenching his fists in frustration. His hazel eyes were very wide. Will shook his head, frowning at Jace disapprovingly.
    The transparent double doors of the adjacent apartment swung open, and out came Kylie, smiling widely, her wavy blond locks tied up in a loose pony tail. “Hello, peoples!” She greeted cheerily, bouncing up to where they stood on the sidewalk. “Are you excited for the auditions, or what, Jace? Jace?” She didn’t receive much of a reaction from Jace, except a scowl. She sighed wearily. “The cameras and microphones will be here any second now. You do know that, right?” Almost immediately Jace brightened, but both Will and Kylie could see the barely concealed annoyance pulsing through the facade.
    “Jace! Jace!” Several voices yelled in unison. The trio pivoted on their heels to find around twenty reporters and double the amount of theatre fanatics rushing in their direction, in seven in the morning. Soon, the numerous yells mended together, and Jace couldn’t focus on a single word just by simply standing there. If he really did want to hear what someone was saying, he had to strain his ear toward them. “Ugh,” Kylie muttered beneath her breath, so softly against the blaring background that only Jace and Will could decipher what she murmured. “I hate the paparazzi.”
    Jace flashed his brilliant white smile at the blinding cameras, turning on his false charm. Groups of fan girls giggled as he winked into the crowd. The numerous shouts from the crowd consisted of many things, from personal questions demanded by reporters, improper marriage proposals screamed from the crowds of female fans waving banners over their heads, to requests to sign autographs, and – my favourites – irritated complaints from the artists attempting to work outside in the dizzying noise. He attempted to answer a handful of the questions being thrown at him, all the while never turning down his fake charisma.
    “Jace!” a magazine journalist cried, shoving roughly through fans and paparazzi alike. “Is it true that you’re auditioning for Minuet’s new musical?” Jace rotated his head toward her, smiling warmly at her direction as she hastily snapped a picture. “Yes, yes I am,” he replied curtly. “It’s such an amazing opportunity for me. I’m incredibly excited.”
    “Jace, this your first romantic comedy audition! How are you feeling?” a reporter questioned from an opposite direction. He twisted toward the voice, too many lights flashing in his direction for him to find the asker in the large crowd. “I’m confident, as always. It’s just an audition, after all. Expect me to get the lead,” he lied casually, followed after a brisk, carefree laugh to the paparazzi. Will raised a doubtful eyebrow towards him, knowing him well enough to comprehend that he meant exactly the opposite of what he just said. Jace threw a quick warning glance toward him before pivoting his head to the direction of the next person.
    “Jace, will you marry me?” He immediately skipped that asker, obviously a female, fast to avoid the irritatingly typical question. He ignored quite a handful of questions, actually.
    “Who was your first love?”
    “What do you wish to achieve in life?”
    “Have you ever fallen in love?”
    Will nudged Jace in the ribs after answering several questions. “You’re going to be late for the auditions, Jace,” he whispered, his tone urgent. “We don’t want Minuet to think you’re tardy.” Jace automatically glanced at his ivory watch. He was genuinely surprised by how fast time had flown – already it was 8:00. The auditions would start in around fifteen minutes.
    “Thanks,” he murmured back, flashing another quick smile to the crowd before glancing at Will and Kylie, who were already on their way to the Theatre District. “Come on,” Will urged, sprinting by several self-talking painters who were stationing their paint splattered tripods on the equally painted sidewalks. Kylie was already ahead of them both, grinning ecstatically and smugly in their direction, her azure eyes glittering. Jace smiled absentmindedly, despite the fact that his heart was thumping audibly, and not from excitement – as he falsely claimed to the ignorant reporters – but from nervousness like he hadn’t felt in a very long while.
    Despite his public arrogance, there was a part of him – and not a small part – that just knew he was going to fail. Fate was speaking to him again, perhaps? Well, it definitely wasn’t his low self esteem, that’s for sure, with an ego as large as his. Ugh.
    Perhaps his failure was obvious from the start. Kylie and Will sure saw it, clear as day, and Jace may be many things, but he definitely wasn’t stupid. As much as I dislike him, I have to give him some credit – he certainly wasn’t blind.
    And why was I so certain of this? Well, for starters, he didn’t believe in happy endings. That’s probably the answer as to why he doesn’t often audition for euphoric musicals – apparently they were not realistic enough for his taste. Truly, I respect that.
    As I had said earlier, this musical really is an exception. Jace couldn’t help but think that same thing on his way to the theatre, leading to a long train of thought concerning the audition – the same way he was lost in that morbid train last week, except with a much more cheery subject in mind – when compared to last week’s train that is.
    He ran through the streets, muttering under his breath when he stumbled, attempting to catch up with Will and Kylie. “Wait up,” he yelled, which triggered a laugh from the both, who simply sped up. Unbelievable, he thought, rolling his eyes as he sprinted on.
    Jace staggered at the city theatre, stopping to catch his breath. Will stopped to glare at him. “Come on,” he hissed beckoning with his hands. “You’re late!” Kylie was already through the double doors. With a sigh, he threw himself through the doors, and was met with a very long audition line up of actors, several which Jace recognized.
    Immediately, the people turned to look at him, and Jace recognized the various expressions he saw when he looked into those diverse eyes. The emotions were ranged from fear, to loathing, to plain admiration towards Jace. The main competition has arrived.
    Or so they thought.
    “You’re going to do great,” Kylie whispered encouragingly into Jace’s ear, “Lessons or no lessons, rain or no rain. You’re Jace Fox after all,” She smiled, and Jace couldn’t suppress a smile back, feeling a little more confident than before – but only a little. I couldn’t help but note that Kylie missed a very important point.
    Love or no love?

    ~Prologue Part 5 Impossible Expectations~

    There are exactly three things that I had never expected Jace to encounter and yet ironically enough he had encountered them anyways. Isn’t that strange for me, Irony itself, to overestimate people? I’m no human; At least I have the dignity to admit that I was wrong.
    First of all, I never expected Jace to encounter love. It’s inconceivable I know, but I was much too wrong about this. However I wasn’t wrong immediately.
    Secondly, I never would have guessed that Jace would someday meet with the emotion of jealously. Never was it expected that he would come across competition with the slightest chance to best him. Competition brings out the best and the worst of people and Jace has never come across competitors who he hadn’t easily crushed the dreams out of. This story, of course, was an unexpected exception. He also hadn’t encountered jealousy immediately, like love, and certainly he did not meet the strange emotion today.
    Last but not least of all, nobody ever expected him to have a failed audition at his hands. However, I admit that I should have at least seen that one coming.
    The theatre’s green room, where the trio stood now, was crowded with people. Displayed on the white painted walls were elegantly framed photographs showing the casts of multiple musicals that were performed on the stage, and posters advertising musicals that were usually playing. Jace’s recognizable face popped up often in the casts. In the center of the room was a concentration of vividly coloured furniture and a small mahogany table that was decorated with a jade vase of white lilies. Most of the actors were patiently lounging on the couches and chairs, conversing with one another. Some of them were on their feet, pacing back and forth in anxiety. Jace, Kylie and Will were the only ones standing awkwardly in one place, watching and waiting tensely. Many of the fellow actors were shooting them suspicious sideways glances from time to time.
    Finally, another new actor burst through the transparent doors of the green room, breaking some of the conversations when people pivoted their heads to stare, as they did when Jace had entered. Out stepped a tall, sun tanned individual with a bright smile and dark brown eyes. He had close cut, dark hair and he didn’t hesitate before walking in, not seeming to notice everybody’s eyes on him. Many of the female actresses had giggled, turning their heads away shyly as the new actor greeted everyone with a warm smile. Jace narrowed his hazel eyes at the new, friendly presence. There was something about him to Jace that was off, somehow. He hadn’t seen him in Emerald Island before.
    “Hello fellow actors, and beautiful actresses,” he greeted warmly to the hushed crowd, which had fell silent listening intently to his words. His tone of voice was very light and cheery. More giggles arose from the actors towards the end of the sentence. He smiled widely, and continued, “My name is Leo Vince. As you can probably see, I am quite new to this beautiful Emerald Island. I reign from Opal. I hope to get to know you all individually. You seem like such a talented group.” He was finished there, and he smiled again to the actors before seating himself on a lime green couch. Again, several actresses giggled, earning glares from the annoyed male actors. Jace thought he was going to be sick.
    “Whoa,” Kylie murmured softly, so only Will and Jace could hear her. “He is fine.”
    “You have got to be joking,” Will responded, raising a pale eyebrow. He eyed Leo curiously as he laughed with several actresses. “I don’t see it.”
    “Of course you can’t see it. You’re a guy,” she stated simply, rolling her clear blue eyes. She sighed wistfully. “Just look at him. He’s like every girl’s imaginary prince charming.”
    Now it was Jace’s turn to be surprised. This was a side of Kylie he’s never seen before. He laughed out loud, and Kylie glared at him. “He’s just a bucket full of sunshine, isn’t he?” Jace seethed rather bitterly, with more animosity that he had intended.
    “Relax, Jace. I bet he’s nice.” Kylie smiled dreamily in Leo’s direction. “Besides, you barely even know him.”
    “Well, you don’t know him either,” Will retorted, surprising Kylie. She glared at him, too. That was when Leo stood from his seat and walked to their direction.
    “Oh, my gosh. He’s walking this way!” Kylie squealed, and she quickly clasped her hands over her mouth, blushing. After another curious and frustrated glance at their friend, Will and Jace turned to the direction of a smiling Leo.
    “Hello,” Leo greeted them, beaming. The trio mumbled uneasy greetings in response. Will’s glance wandered far behind Leo as he composed himself. “So I overheard that you were the best actor here, Jace, are you?” he continued with a small, almost shy smile. Not exactly shy of course, but his smile had only somewhat less confidence before burning brightly again.
    “That’s right,” Jace agreed without a slightest hesitation. Arrogant actor.
    Leo grinned widely again. “You know, people say I’m the best actor in Opal Island.” He blinked hopefully in Jace’s direction, seeming to ignore Will and Kylie. I couldn’t imagine what he could possibly be hopeful about. Perhaps he was hoping that Jace would be a little impressed. If that was the case then he would be disappointed, because if Jace was impressed by the fact he did not show it.
    “Oh, are you?” Jace responded dryly. His voice held disinterest, as if he was bored to be there, and Leo’s smile faltered only slightly. “I never knew Opal was into theatre. I always considered it as more of a reality show type island. Isn’t it where Oprah lives?”
    Leo’s smile was frozen on his face, and very tight. “Oprah. No, I don’t think I recall her. However, I do have a friend named Ellen, if that’s what you mean.”
    Jace’s smile in response was just as tight, so tight it might have been mistaken as a grimace. “That’s charming. Perhaps I will visit your island someday. The people there appear to have quite a lovely sense of humour.”
    “It does,” Leo agreed, suddenly turning his head to acknowledge Will and Kylie. Will was still staring off into space, and Kylie was just staring. “I’m sorry, do you mind if you introduce yourselves?” He asked them apologetically, smiling with warmth again.
    “Kylie,” Kylie grinned widely and ecstatically, marvelling at his attention. Leo beamed back at her and turned to Will. “Will,” he mumbled, and Leo nodded, still impossibly smiling.
    “Okay. I really hope to see you three again someday soon.” Jace rolled his eyes, and Leo did a good job of pretending not to notice.
    “Leo Vince?” a clear female voice called from the stage. Leo’s eyes were alight with confidence, again silently surprising Jace.
    “I believe it’s my turn to audition,” Leo said, flashing another crooked grin to the trio before heading towards the wings. “Good luck, Jace!”
    Jace widened his eyes, horrified by the forbidden words and too stunned to speak. Hearing the sentence of luck, Will suddenly awakened from his half-awake stupor and gasped. Trying to keep his voice even, he responded to Leo for Jace. “Good luck Leo. I mean really good luck.”
    “Thanks,” Leo said excitedly, entering the wings as Jace sighed, burying his face in his arms and moaning quietly.
    “Actors and their superstitions,” Kylie muttered irritably, folding her own arms. Jace glanced up at her, frowning.
    “I don’t like him. He’s too happy-go-lucky for anybody’s good,” Jace stated, and Kylie rolled her eyes, staring at the door Leo had just gone through.
    The minutes of waiting in the green room seemed to drag on as more people got called to audition. The room emptied slowly, and after about an hour only a handful of people were left along with Jace, Kylie, and Will. Nobody came back into the room after coming out. Jace had assumed there was another exit on the stage.
    More minutes were spent staring into space, wondering as more actors got called. Somewhere in the waiting, Kylie began to hum. “Hmmm, hmmm hmm hmmm...” For a few minutes Will and Jace attempted to simply ignore the annoying hum, but shortly after trying it became too much.
    “Cut it out!” Jace hissed at Kylie mid-verse. Will nodded sadly in agreement, and Kylie raised a betrayed eyebrow. After a few moments of awkward staring, she sighed, unfolding her arms to push a strand of pale hair to the back of her ear.
    “Fine,” She mumbled, tapping her foot to an inaudible rhythm in her head.
    “Jace Fox?”

    <span class="ev_code_BLACK">???????????????????????????? ??????????Table Of Contents??????????????????????????????????????</span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLACK">The Story Continues after this point ~
    ? Prologue Part Six - Failed ~Top of Page 9
    ? Chapter One - Love and Ambition ~ Top of Page 10
    ? Chapter Two - Break a Glass ~ Top of Page 12
    ? Chapter Two - PART TWO ~ Top of Page 14
    ? Chapter Three - First Glances ~ Top of Page 16
    ? Chapter Three - PART TWO ~ Top of Page 18

    ? Meet the Narrators, Perfect, + Prologue Part 1 Acknowledgments ~ Scroll to Second Post

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????

    Thank you so much, to everyone who has taken the time to read my story It means more to mean that you could know Thank you </span>

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    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????</span>
    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">Meet the narrators...</span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">Narrator #1:</span> <span class="ev_code_GREEN">*Irony*</span>

    ~?~ Song: I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic at the Disco
    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">Irony in the story is the very representative of Irony itself - and is the first narrator of *Unbearable Light*. He introduces himself in the Prologue, his first motive being to warn us about the morbid consequence of perfection, and the blow of situational irony. He strongly believes that Love cannot be feigned - and he is also disgusted by such a fragile emotion. Irony compares Jace to the brightness of a wildfire.
    Chapters that are written in the point of view of IRONY will include this face beside the chapter heading: </span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">Narrator #2: </span> <span class="ev_code_RED">*Love*

    ~?~ Song: Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
    Love is the second narrator, the very representative of Love itself! She introduces herself in Chapter 1 (Page 10). Love warns readers that, contrary to what Irony says, she is extremely powerful, carrying the potential to both tear a heart apart and piece it back together after it's long since been broken. Like Irony, she has a strong dislike for the general term of perfection. However, Love strongly dislikes Irony, almost as much as Irony disrespects and underestimates her. Love compares Jace to the light of a shooting star.
    Chapters written in the POV of LOVE will have this emoticon beside the heading: </span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????</span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLACK"> Perfect

    do you define a word
    with no concrete meaning? To each
    his own, the saying goes, so
    push to attain an ideal
    state of being no two
    random people will agree is
    you want to be? Faultless.
    Finished. Incomparable. People
    can never be these, and anyway,
    did creating a flawless facade
    become a more vital goal
    than learning to love the person
    lives inside your skin?
    The outside belongs to others.
    Only you should decide for you-
    Is perfect

    -Excerpt from Perfect By Ellen Hopkins</span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE">????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????</span>

    <span class="ev_code_BLACK">With every chapter I will post a Dedication and a song that matches that chapter! Song suggestions are very much appreciated

    I created an *Unbearable Light* Playlist on Youtube! Click the link to hear all of the song dedications - the playlist is updated with every chapter

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???

    Prologue (Part 1) Acknowledgments:
    ~?~ Prologue Dedicated to: Dani Willow, Mikaela and Layla Cheerful Dancer - my first readers Thank you SO much for your first comments on the prologue! (And Dani - I am obsessed with your writing!!! You are a true inspiration - to me and other writers alike! ) You guys are amazing!!!
    ~?~ Song for Prologue Part 1: Ironic by Alanis Morissette

    ~?~ Song of the Story:All of the Lights by Kanye West Feat. Various Artists</span>

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???
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