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    Dear Diary,
    Hi I'm Dharma and welcome to my diary. So, a little about me . I am a model, I love pink, and I love the challenges.ok well I am going to Pierre's. ok, So what's next? I'm gonna go shopping next. i am enjoying a salad now! It was great! Furniture store is the next stop. ok well I am at the Modeling Agency.Well that's all for today!Bye!!!
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    Sorry I don't have screen shots I tried to take some but it still didn't work. I will try again soon!!
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    kk, I gtg. goodnight! I will post more tomorrow. Bye!!!
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    Hi everyone!!
    Today I think I will make myself a Thanksgiving outfit.....maybe a turkey costume.......LOL. Wow! Wow! I just saw the cave....it is sooooo cool! Ok So now I am doing a challenge.
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    Ok so a little more about me.

    Question: What is your favorite color?
    Answer:I Neon Pink
    Question: What is your talent?
    Answer: I am a dancer
    Question: What do you like to do in your free time on the island?
    Answer: I love to hang out with my BFFs.
    Question: Do you design your clothes or buy them?
    Answer: I buy and design them.
    Question: What is your favorite dog?
    Answer: My favorite dog is a Yorkie. They are sooooooo cute!!!
    Question: Are you a Diamond member?
    Answer: Yes
    If you have any other questions I should add you can post them! I will try to answer them!!!
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    Good morning!!!....opps I mean Good afternoon! LOL
    So, I can't wait for Thanksgiving!! I turkey. I just got back from Jade Mall I got sandals and a pair of teal flats!! Next, fashion show!! YAY! I just looked I use tons of exclamation points. LOL kk bye!
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    A turkey outfit would be so much fun to make! Please take a screenshot of it if you do make one!

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself!
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    Your welcome!! Sorry but I am still having trouble with screen shots. I will try though!
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    I made a new banner
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    Ok so what happened
    while I did not write?
    -I started Banners By Dharma
    -I started a new store called Peace Sign
    -Only a few more days until my vacation (yay)
    -Well that is all I can think of for now
    Also Peace Sign will not be closed during my vacation but you will not get orders as soon as usual
    The same is for Banners By Dharma
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