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    I just purchased a GeForce 6800 128 mb Videocard
    and the overall effect on my system = increased performance, good! But as soon as i run Il2/PF in perfect landscape mode the system crashes.
    Man, i like to see the wavy reflections of ships on the water etc. but that is some feature that only perfect mode supports (water=3).
    My specs are 2.40Ghz processor, 1256 meg RAM, and lots of diskspace. Videocard settings: open GL, 32 bit colormode, 8 bit stencil, and gameres set to 1280 x 960 (allright).
    Once again... everything runs fine except in perfect mode.
    What to do??? anyone with a million dollar idea? Auk

    Oh yeah and one more for the wizard:
    How do you make those grayscale movies based on NTRK trackfiles... you know, with the faded photograph effect and the dust and scratch feature? it looks nice...
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    this don\'t make no sense!
    run the il2 setup utility and choose the right card. if that fails reinstall the game.
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