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    Yeah so basically what we knew already but people are still going to post


    and Ubisoft will simply say...

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    I hate freezing. Can't even begin to explain time wasted. My game will now freeze without DLC. If hate were a country I would be china. Where did you learn to program a game, university of Phoenix?
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    Here I have some slowdowns in shows, mostly in chords.

    Edit: PS3
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    PS3 CRASH after single song Master Mode of I Can't Hear You at 363 Brennan. I can only hear the creaky, loft sounds. Had to reboot.
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    PS3 Crash loading SMOW single note rehearsal mode. Mike in the lower right corner just kept doing it's thing and I could hear sound, but nothing happened. After 5 minutes, I ejected the disk to try again.

    Edit: Just locked up again in the Riff Repeater for Mean B1tch. Had finished mastering the Intro and was going to select another section to work on. As I entered the Riff Repeater section selection screen, the system locked up.
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    On a regular evening I will qualify for an event, I then immediately try to enter the event and after about level 5 the came will get stuck on the load screen with the little tube flashing. I can use my PS button to reset the game and the enter the event again and it loads up, so that is not an issue. My issue is later around level 6 with the larger sets after I reset the game to enter my event I just qualified for and then play all the way through it about 40 min it freezes and can only be fixed by turning the PS3 off. This doesn't make the game unplayable but it does take a fair amount of fun factor out of the game. I'm looking forward to Bandfuse.
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    Sad but true

    Here is what I resorted to since the freezing has killed the fun. Create two profiles on my ps3. One is called RS the other RS DLC. I always use them respectively. Meaning I never play event and just practice songs through the list. At this time I am level six and have qualified 8 song events. Have not played an event since I am in essence trying to practice without locking up the game. I hope something materializes that will allow me to continue the journey mode.
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    Originally Posted by Grossebaf42 Go to original post
    Hi everybody!

    I have a problem with the "Big Swing" minigame: few days ago, I tried to increase my best score and since then, when I launch the minigame, nothing happened! I mean the guy doesn't throw me the ball!!! Does anybody have the same problem? I play Rocksmith on PS3.


    PS: Excuse my English I'm French ^^
    Your English was flawless,give or take a comma.
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    Originally Posted by Steel_Nirvana Go to original post
    Um, the game works fine for hundreds of thousands of people. And even if you did sue, you'd have prove damages of some sort, which you can't. If you didn't like it, you should've returned it and got your money back. Why not try to be part of the solution, and report any unique issues you're having, so the devs can continue working to solve the problems?
    Re the alleged hundreds of thousands - I assume (subject to your correction) that you're referring to all those who haven't complained of malfunctions. But this is surely not a warranted inference. Although the forum can obviously not be considered a statistically representative sample, it does give some impression.

    I'd like to (hereby) issue a request to all forum readers using the PS3 platform who *don't* experience freeze issues, after having played for a month or so, or who have had only minimal problems, to write to the forum and say so - this will help create a more balanced picture of the situation.

    If anyone knows how (I'm afraid I don't), why not set up a poll on the subject, prefereably with a bit of scope for detail and nuance?

    Meanwhile I'd tentatively infer the following from forum posts so far: (1) the xbox version is much less problem-ridden than the ps3 version (perfect or not); (2) the ps3 version is beset by some flaw that causes it to freeze at times (3) the freezing issues are at least partly linked to specific songs ; (4) the further you progress through the game in ps3 the more widespread the freezing becomes, to the point that by levels 10 or 11 it becomes severe; (5) users are repeatedly advised by Ubi rep Black Widow to contact customer support, but if they do so, they receive formulaic and unhelpful replies.

    I would add from my own experience (meaning: I haven't seen this reported on the forums) that while in the earlier phases, freezes are mainly linked with event mode, by level ten they have spread to all the other forms too, viz: rehearse, perform, and master mode. And in some cases (see below) in riff repeater mode even.

    In the interests of cooperativeness, I also copy below the notes I've kept from the last few days about RS freezes (lightly edited to remove bad language etc). I will also submit the same to Ubi support in line with recommended practice, and will report back if anything constructive comes of it. But I publish it here too so other users can compare with their experiences.

    So: freeze notes, expurgated edition:

    Songs that crash rocksmith:

    “Good enough”, 2 versions of the 3 – from memory it’s the combo version tht works

    “Hangar 18” – got through 2 out of 3 versions but the 3rd (meaning the 1st as I tend to start a t the right-hand side and work back) crashed. Update 9/6/12: if that note is correct, another one’s gone: combo 3 –the rhs-most - just crashed on Update 2: Now the middle version crashed immediately – first song. This is ridiculous.

    “Painkiller” – not sure which version.
    Note, all the above crashed in Rehearsal mode, so this is worse (in a sense) than those songs which are said to crash in event mode only.
    Each only happened once. In the case of Megadeth (hangar 18) I’m not going to waste my time trying again, as it’s such a [censored] song. The others I’ll check as and when.

    Synchronicity 2 / combo 2 (in rehearsal mode)

    “Gone away” – 1st combo version (leftmost version), First rehearsal. the other 2 were ok.

    “when I’m gone” combo 2 – yep, just checked twice in a row. crashed.

    “when i’m gone” single note – crashed when i maxed intro. second time I managed to max intro without crashing, but next section crashed when maxed. Got through third section ok (but note: I didn’t manage to max it, which might be the key point); fourth section (chorus) crashed when I gave up while on the 100% level (in that situation the game normally says sth like “you failed to master the section; your level has been set to the last mastered level of.. 100%” – i.e. it’s a minor bug whereby you get the mastery without achieving it. At this point I leave this song / arrangement in frustration for the time being.;

    “barracuda” single note – crashed after I scored about 79000 pts in rhearsal mode. Then again immediately afterwards – exaclty the same – immediate repeat. (10/6/12: same again. first song played, immediate crash)
    Btw so all the above done with me at level 10 – currently about 17.75 million pts.


    Bodysnatchers single note – crashed at end of rehearsal mode (only 40odd thousand).

    8/6/12: A more perfect union (SN)
    8/6/12: “bad sign” / combo ...
    8/6/12: Dammit: combo.

    9/6/12: I got mine single note AND combo i.e. both – there are only 2.
    9/6/12: Symphony of destruction, left-hand arrr.
    9/6/12: kryptonite – both versions
    9/6/12: 20th century boy – single note (mastered) - in both rehearsal mode and master mode also combo crashed in event mode 10/6/12
    Note that this makes 5 consecutive songs that crashed without respite!
    9/6/12: played go with the flow chord, (mastered) ok in rehearsal, then crashed in master mode.
    9/6/12 Next girl master mode – crash!
    9/6/12 Planetary (go!) single note - crashed.
    9/6/12 Smoke on the water combo – crashed in rehearsal.

    10/6/12 Sweet home alabama: SN crashed
    10/6/12 Vasoline single note crashed
    10/6/12 When i’m with you chord master mode crashed.

    10/6/12: Reaper combo 2 freeze
    10/6/12: managed to get best coast/with you chord version in master mode, but it crashed in combo and single-note.
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    Originally Posted by roadtrip2012 Go to original post
    I will also submit the same to Ubi support in line with recommended practice, and will report back if anything constructive comes of it. But I publish it here too so other users can compare with their experiences.
    So here's the response from Ubisoft so far (note the amusing first sentence):

    There are no known issues with this game at this time.
    If you are having a problem with your game, please contact a technical support representative by clicking on the 'Ask A Question' tab at the top of this page. Please be aware that technical support cannot provide tips, hints, or any gameplay information.
    General Console Game Troubleshooting
    If you are having problems with your game, please follow the suggestions listed below:
    - Is your game CD Scratched or Damaged?
    1. Inspect the underside of the CD closely.
    2. If there are any smudge marks, dirt, or scratches, clean the disk.
    NOTE: When cleaning CDs, wipe from the center of the disc to the edge using a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Do not use a circular motion. Also, do not use paper cloth which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks.
    3. Insert the CD and try playing again.
    4. If you continue to have problems, you may need to replace the disk. Click Here for Ubi Soft's updated return policy.
    - Do you have more then one controller plugged in?
    1. Try removing all but one controller from the system before loading the game again.
    2. If the game loads, there may be a problem with one of the other controllers.

    Plus a reply in Dutch (though I mailed UK support) pointing out that the game is not released in Europe yet and so they can't help me (credit to Google Translate for giving me the gist of that).
    No surprises then. I'm just trying to go by the Ubisoft book while keeping actual and potential fellow freeze-sufferers in the loop.
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