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    I've been enjoying the "Italy Stronghold pt1" by rdans59, with the Italian speech pack thrown in. They are available at M4T and are "no mods" friendly.

    At the moment I'm assigned to a G50. The IL2 manual says it's a dog, and the Breda 12.7's have been much maligned on this forum but I have to say that the G50 is a fun little kite against Gladiators and Hurricanes, and it's armament is sufficient to bring them down although I have not managed to set one on fire yet.

    I do have a question though, the G50 has two airspeed indicators. I'm guessing that one shows IAS and the other is calibrated to either CAS or TAS.

    Ciao and Grazie,
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    All the Italian birds are under appreciated. They are all fairly capable planes, the G-50 is a hell of a lot of fun if you fly the Finnish campaign with it.

    Where the real surprise lies is in the Mc202 and 205, those are both great planes
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    the planes are good.
    but the weapons are so bad , except the MC 205_III, that you often hang to long behind your foe to make damage that another one can give you a burst.at least online.

    and im looking forward to the RA in SoW:BoB
    -> http://www.dalnet.se/~surfcity/falco_bob.htm
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    The plane has 2 speed indicators and these are indentical (don't know why...)

    The Bredas are jokes since it's SO undermodelled compared to the other .50cal (looking at the game's data) plus they must punch I16, I153 and Lagg, wooden planes who fly like tanks against MGs (even if they were flying GAS TANKS... old DM problem maybe).

    Against AI I'm sure you can score some kills, not against humans (Lascia perdere!!!).
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    Originally posted by Manu-6S:
    The plane has 2 speed indicators and these are indentical (don't know why...)

    well, perhaps one is showing the Data from the left the other from the right pitot tube.
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    Right now I'm only flying the G50 offline and it could very well be a different animal online. I find that it's controls are very well harmonized, requiring very little rudder input. I also find that it's so stable I can walk my Breda rounds along a bandit until I find the sweet spot for maximum effect, at least with Gladiators and Hurricanes. Against bombers, in this case Blenheim, it takes a lot of rounds to set one alight, I was able to get two in a mission but it took all of my ammunition attacking from dead six (I got the gunner first...learned the hard way ).

    Luckily, the Bredas on the G50 have a fair amount of ammo which makes up for the low muzzle velocity, rate of fire and destructive power. It's still a fun ride.
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    Both airspeed indicators show IAS. That is because each one has is own Pitot tube: look at each wing edge and you'll see them. Why two? For security reasons. If one fails, there's the other one ready, and knowing your speed on a stall-prone aircraft as the G.50 was fundamental to keep flying safe (and save your life in the process)!

    I don't know if Breda-SAFAT machine guns are really undermodelled. Technically, they were among the worst (if not the worst) MGs of all belligerent countries. Compared to other cal 12.7, for example Browning MGs, they had a shorter cartridge (99 vs. 81 mm), thus less muzzle velocity, less power and less range. Moreover, Breda-SAFAT was heavy and had a low basic rate of fire, which was even worsened when it was synchronized to fire through the spinning propeller. Same things go for cal 7.7.

    See for example on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breda_safat
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    the later macchi's are capable enough and the Fiar Cr42 is also well capable against other Biplanes however the G50, and the early Macchi's are slow and flies like bricks...just my opinion.
    however against Hurricanes and gladiators they might stand a chance...althugh i'd take the british planes in that fight anyday.
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    For some strange reason I love the Italian planes.I just find them so cool!
    When SoW turns up i can imagine spending a lot of time in the CR42 and the Breda.
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    Yea I wanted to see how bad the Breda-SAFAT machine guns were so I researched the net and found out that they are really that bad. Sooo bad that by the late war they changed over to using german MG-151 cannons and discontinued the Breda usage in aircraft. Wikipedia it its an interesting story.
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