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    P-51 44-74417 "Donna-mite" crashes near Oshkosh

    At about 4pm local time, a P-51 Mustang owned and flown by Richard James, crashed in a farmer's field after performing in the EAA Airventure warbirds show at Oshkosh. Sadly, Mr. James died in the crash. He will be missed. Our sincere condolences go out to the James family and those who knew him.

    The news of this crash will certainly cast a sad shadow over the week's events
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    Sad news indeed..
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    S~ to him. What a way to go. If i hadto die, i would go in a warbird S~
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    sorry to hear this
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    ****!Ruined plane AND dead pilot.I dunno maybe we`ll freezem they`d stay!
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    Sad news indeed.

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