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    I play and play on Hyperlobby and Quickmission, and I just am no good. I never make any kills! I turn and turn, and always my enemy gets behind me and shoots bullets into my aeroplane until it falls to pieces.

    If I post a track, maybe you will tell me some things that I do wrong?
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    go to quick mission builder, and train on empty bombers.
    that helped me alot
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    Yep a track with what you're doing might be helpful. I can tell already that your tactics need work...turning and turning and turning will not win you battles. It just makes you a target.

    Here's a good place to start:


    It will walk you through the basic concepts of air combat and specifically the use of the "boom and zoom" method.
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    Originally posted by terriblysilly:
    If I post a track, maybe you will tell me some things that I do wrong?
    Give us the track
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    Hello! Here is my first set of recorded tracks.

    The ones with many 0's are my fight against an AI Veteran!

    The one with many 1's is my fight against an AI Ace!

    And the remaining one is my fight against an AI Average.

    I will try to see if I can make tracks of my online play! If I can do this, I will give them later.

    I thank you!

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    Hello again! Here I fly faster planes, against Ace enemy AI every time!

    The results of these battles are more similar to what happens to me when I try to play HyperLobby....

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    I watched your tracks.
    Me thinks that you need some further familiarization with the game.
    You need to conquer the basics, because I see you have problem with it......and the fact that you've been using I-16 on your training tracks doesn't help much because I-16 is not newcomer friendly plane.
    Being prone to violent stalls and all that stuff.

    Take my word and use Lavochkin fighters, LA-5 thru 7.
    They are great for learning the basics.
    Or even Bf-109s, they are also steady although not so great in turning circles with them although maneuverability is good, they are miserable on high/very high speeds (control feels very heavy, thus low ship controlability).
    A6M2 with later switch to Ki-84 is also a nice deal.

    Anyway. With those you should be able to have historical fighter that is all around good and nice platform for learning stuff.

    It doesn't really matters what you choose, I gave you only a suggestion, but if you stick around with same plane (series) you will probably learn faster; mastering the specific type requirements and getting that so much needed "feeling" for the ship.

    Check out for instance this track;
    ........these guys know their ships inside out, look how they fly them to the edge, they are able to do it because they know precisely when to stop pushing the aircraft.
    You don't have that feeling so you push your aircraft over it's limits into an inevitable stall.
    That is why training on same type will help - to get that feeling faster.
    It's easy for us oldtimers, we will do decent job in any crate, sure we wont excel in some crates that we don't usually fly but we can count on doing a good job.

    When you master some plane, you know everything about it; deck speed, best alt speed, best turn speed, approx range and flight time with certain amount of fuel, best tactical approach in battle, gunnery (something that needs to be practiced over and over and over again, because that is no.1 important thing to be a great sharpshooter), contemporary aircraft strength and how to counter them best, when to engage and when to run, good discipline when flying in group and so many other things that makes your flight an enjoyable experience.
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    Well. I don't think you suck at all.

    I do think that your joystick settings suck, and this explains your propensity to stall.

    Change your elevator to this...

    Just try it - I bet you will be surprised after a few days with it.
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    Thank you! I am still trying to get my settings right! They are much too sensitive to small touches!

    DKoor, did you see my tracks where I tried to fly P-38 instead o I-16?

    I will see if there are settings to help me realize when I will stall. Maybe I can make the "Stall sound" louder.

    Thank you!
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    come here
    this is a free flight school they teach you how to basicly fly so you can then play better. hurry the Oct. class my be full and they do it every other month
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