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    With the first glimpse of in-game views of Storm of War promised today, I wonder what the reaction of the community will be. Will it match up to five years of expectation?

    Some extraordinary things have been predicted for Storm of War. Many times it has been said in many different ways, when SOW gets here it will be the answer to everything we ever wanted. All the most wished-for features will be there. Everything will fall into place. You just wait. SoW will fix everything...

    But will it?

    I wonder if many of us have built the next Maddox sim up in our minds so much that we'll set ourselves up for disappointment. It won't be the fault of Oleg Maddox. Lord knows he's made few promises and even fewer guarantees. It just seems that unless there is a real spitfire in every box, some people are just going to feel betrayed.

    War clouds are gathering. The Storm of Whining is almost upon us.

    Are you expecting too much from SoW?
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    I hope SOW comes with a juicer...

    Mine broke the other day.
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    Everyone is, but thats only natural after such a long wait.

    Judging from the recuest threadh over at banana forum some people dont seem to have any restrictions what so ever when it comes to "i wish". But once the "dissepointments" settles down it will be the best out there (i hope ) If Oleg manages to include even 1/3 of what everyone combined wish for it would be a miracle.

    It will be a anticlimax of biblical proportions either way (again, because of the long wait).

    That will proppably change as SoW evolves over the comming years however.
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    Oleg just posted the update. Go get em chaps!
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    I'm hoping for a flight sim with good FMs and DMs, and a better offline campaign than IL2. If I get that I'll be happy.

    Some people have suggested that it may become some sort of combined arms "super-sim", where you can jump out of your U-boat, ride a tank to the airfield and fly off to bomb Portsmouth. I guess that would be nice, but I only want to fly.
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    I want a sim that lets you go into third person and spend a couple of hours waxing and polishing your aircraft to get those few extra knots out of her!
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    No we aren't. Oleg has told us himself how much will be in SOW already.
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    Well since I am waiting for the Pacific theatre, my expectations are not extra high, as I assume I will have to wait yet a few years.
    BoB I will take along if it is so like with IL2 that you have to merge the various versions.
    Otherwise BoB is not so high on my wish list.
    Other areas I am more curious about.
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    Interesting news...


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    I am expectng a good flight sim... one with great graphics, great FM/DM, high scalability across the board.. from the look to the flying.. I am expecting a sim that will look as good as IL2 on perfect in the lower to midrange settings .... I am expecting a sim that will be able to benefit from hardware upgrades over the next decade.. (Like IL2) and I have no doubt whatsoever that I will not be disappointed at all.
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